Salty Foods Make Kids Want Sugary Drinks

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From Your Health Journal…..”What a great article and study – – even if claims state it may have been ‘under recorded’ with the results! Kids who had a high salt intake could possibly drink more liquid, as they are now thirsty from the salt consumed. Many of the choices the kids made to quench their thirst was a sugary drink, high in calories. The more sugary drinks they had, the higher chance they may become obese or overweight. The study may not be 100% conclusive, but it does seem to make sense. Looking forward to reading more about this, but highly recommend reading this article, along with watching the video associated with it.”

From the article…..

Kids and teens who eat salty foods are more likely to wash them down with sugary drinks, potentially raising their risk for obesity, researchers found.

A cross-sectional study of Australian children ages 2 to 16 found salt consumption was positively associated with drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (P<0.001) and increased obesity risks by 26% (95% CI 1.03 to 1.53), according to Caryl Nowson, PhD, of Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, and colleagues. And the more salt they ate, the more sugary drinks they drank -- every 1 g/day of salt consumed was significantly associated with an additional 17 g/day of sugar-sweetened beverages drank (P<0.001), they wrote online in Pediatrics. They noted that after a patient consumes dietary salt, "there is a subsequent rise in the plasma sodium concentration, and to maintain body fluid homeostasis, thirst is stimulated, thus promoting fluid intake." The researchers studied associations between salt intake and overall fluid consumption, as well as salt and sugary beverage consumption and the effect of that on weight status in a sample of 4,283 Australian children over the day prior to data collection. To read the full article.....Click here