New Video From Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR) Highlights Alarming Heroin Statistics In US

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newsA new video by Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers is highlighting heroin statistics in the US that even seasoned addiction counsellors and other experts who work in the field are calling an alarming wake-up call.

The video, which Best Drug Rehabilitation’s CEO and founder Per Wickstrom encourages everyone to see – including parents, educators, legislators and anyone else who wants to join in the war against alcohol and drug abuse — highlights the following key facts:

– Since the US invasion of Afghanistan, heroin output has increased over 5,000%.

– In 2008 and 2009, heroin was the number one reason that an individual registered in drug rehab.

– Each year, nearly 34,000 young people aged 12 – 17 try heroin for the first time.

– DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network) reported 93,519 heroin-related ER visits in 2002.

“While all of the statistics we highlighted are disturbing, the one that I can’t get over is that nearly 34,000 young people aged 12 – 17 try heroin each year,” commented Best Drug Rehabilitation’s CEO and founder Per Wickstrom, who believes that successful rehabilitation must empower clients to experience complete health that embraces body, mind and spirit. “And while we can’t realistically bring that number down to zero – at least not in the foreseeable future – we need to definitely put a dent in it. We need to empower and educate young people to make smarter choices, and keep them from starting down on a path that will take them to the ER – or maybe to the morgue.”

Best Drug Rehabilitations new video, which highlights alarming heroin statistics in the US, is available at

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