New Book, ‘Stop Dying Fat,’ Delivers Insight On Obesity As A Disease

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booksDr. Eleazar Kadile Offers Prescription for a Successful Diet: Enjoy Change.

In “Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity,” Dr. Eleazar Kadile, who specializes in treating patients with obesity and associated chronic disease, gives readers and clients a prescription for a successful diet plan, which works best if you’re comfortable with change.

“I call it the KadileAtric Power Principle®, a comprehensive lifestyle program requiring those who need it most – the severely obese – to learn how to embrace change,” says Dr. Kadile, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine.

“Change is an inevitable fact of life, so why not enjoy it and become fascinated with the amazing things a body can do as it becomes rehabilitated for a better life?”

“Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity” is the definitive prescription for a successful diet for the hard to lose obese with medical complications. Kadile, an M.D., advocates that obesity must be treated like any other life threatening disease: immediately and aggressively. His Slendergenic meal plan emphasizes losing dangerous fat, by replacing all synthetic and processed food with natural and organic alternatives.

The book consists of four power principles as part of the prescription for a successful diet that serve to repair and revive the body through rapid weight loss with a Slendergenic meal plan that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fat intake.

“Again, it all begins with a reader’s mentality,” he says. “The severely obese need to cultivate a new relationship with food, which is inherently pleasurable, but it should also be nourishing. Food is the body’s medicine; the more healthy and balanced your intake is, the better the medicine will work. Highly processed junk food, on the other hand, leads to obesity and a laundry list of chronic diseases.”

“I have lost a total of 80 pounds. I am very, very happy with the success that my mother and I have had with Dr. Kadile’s weight-loss program. My emotional state is much improved. My energy level is also greatly improved. All I can say is that the KadileAtric Power Principle is an awesome program!” – Dan Sickinger, an accountant and husband from Brillion, WI.

About Eleazar Kadile, M.D.

Dr. Eleazar Kadile is a complementary physician who specializes in treating patients with obesity who may suffer from heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, depression or ADHD. With decades of medical experience throughout the United States, he has been developing a comprehensive and systematic approach to battling obesity. He is the director of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Green Bay, Wis. (