New Book About Divorce Recovery For You And Your Children Published Today

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familyvectorBeyond Marital Conflict: The ground breaking Divorce Recovery for You and Your Children will be published today. It is written by author and psychotherapist Bob Livingstone. He has been specializing in divorce recovery for over twenty five years.

This is what readers are saying about this trailblazing book:

“A must read for anyone going through a divorce and has children”-Chad

“Bob Livingstone’s book stands out for his compassionate insight into how high conflict divorce impacts the children, parents and child’s therapists”-S Kman

“The way in which parents and children can move past such a significant event could not have been written more eloquently. Highly recommended read!”-Feven

This is a book for those who are divorced and have no intention of reuniting with ex-spouses. Beyond Marital Conflict: Divorce Recovery for You and Your Children teaches how to move forward after the breakup. The book describes and dissects high conflict divorce and offers concrete solutions that you can implement immediately.

The benefits you will obtain here are: having a closer relationship with your children, having an improved, less warring relationship with your ex, lowering the stress in your life and being able to have a stronger bond with those you love.

You are asked to take a focused look at your role in the conflict and what positive changes you could make to improve the life of your children and yourself. The devastating breakup is assessed from the parent’s perspective and the origins of parental pain are discussed. Transforming this pain to a healing place for your family is also highlighted.

The angst that your children experience on a daily basis and the dysfunctional behavior they exhibit are explored as well. Strategies to truly move them out of the middle of the conflict between you and your ex-partner are talked about.

You will hear about the experience of a therapist working with families like yours and hopefully you will gain more insight into your issues. The author invites you to take perhaps the most important journey in your life.

Bob Livingstone LCSW