Juice Fasting – Myths & Benefits

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qaQ & A With Dr. Michael Wald

1. True or False: Fasting with vegetable juices will provide all one needs for effective elimination of toxins?

ANSWER: False. There are countless toxins and many require very specific nutrients or medications to eliminate them. Even if juices contain the necessary nutrient compounds, the dosages might not be enough. Only testing of the toxin(s) in question and retesting will reveal if juicing efforts were/are effective.

2. True or False: Vegetable juice fasting is appropriate for everyone?

ANSWER: False. Allergies, digestive problems, medications, adrenal gland weakness, blood sugar problems and thyroid issues, among a few, can undermine the appropriateness of juice fasting.

3. True or False: Juice fasting can slow down one’s thyroid function?

ANSWER: Maybe. If you have an undiscovered slow thyroid (such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or nonautoimmune low thyroid) cruciferous veggies added to juicing can further aggravate juice fasting efforts.

4. True or False: There is a way to idealize juicing recipes for each person?

ANSWER: Absolutely. Knowledge of health history, food reactions (allergies) and nutritional deficiencies (revealed upon blood and urine testing), can help uncover information that can be used to idealize juice fasting ingredient combinations.

5. True or False: Water fasting, for the purpose of detox-elimination, is always a good idea?

ANSWER: False. Water fasting is almost never appropriate as water is devoid of antioxidants and other nutrients absolutely required for the detox-elimination processes.

6. True or False: Headache, muscle aches and pains and fatigue, when experienced during a juice detox always mean one is experiencing a “Clearing (or Cleansing) Reaction”?

ANSWER: False. These symptoms and others could mean that the detox process is proceeding, but may also mean that the detox process has gone awry.

7. True or False: The best way to know if your juice detox is working is that you feel great?

ANSWER: False. In fact, if you feel great the juicing detox may not be moving forward at all. A combination of blood/urine testing plus how you feel is the best way to know if juicing is working.

– Dr. Michael Wald, Brain-Energy Blast