Healthy Tip # 56

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Welcome to a new category of my blog simply called ‘Healthy Tips.’ Many times, when I write articles for various publications, I need to find sources for the story. Recently, I wrote an article for Yahoo Shine (click here) and PBS (click here) about keeping kids healthy. I was looking for experts and parents to chime in and give their favorite ‘tips’ to help kids (and their families) lead a healthy lifestyle.

The feedback for the story was amazing. The sources had some fantastic points of view that could not be ignored, and I thought their opinions should be viewed on the Your Health Journal web site.

So, enjoy my new series, with some ‘great’ insight from some ‘great’ people giving exceptional and educational points of view.

Healthy Tip From Trudy Scott

“It’s important to have kids eat breakfast every single day and to make sure to include some protein such as eggs. Having a good breakfast sets kids up for the rest of the day and leads to stable blood sugar which means they’ll be alert and focused, plus it will also prevent them from reaching for the sugar and junk food. And of course having stable blood sugar is great for a good mood and no anxiety. They’ll also have more energy and be more inclined to exercise. I have a bonus tip: make sure kids get enough sleep and that means eight or more hours a night. Good sleep means good immunity, better mood and focus, and less sugar cravings. Again, they’ll have more energy and be more inclined to exercise.”

Trudy Scott, Certified Nutritionist, author of The Antianxiety Food Solution – How the Foods You Eat Can Help you Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings (June 2011, New Harbinger)