Guest Post – Murray Grossan, M.D., What Is Best For The Child’s Allergy? Breakfast In Bed!

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Dr. Grossan Suggests ‘Breakfast In Bed’ For A Healthy Alternative
This year promises to be the worst allergy season; already more allergy problems are flooding the doctor’s offices due to increased pollen in the air.

Your five year old Suzy is sneezing and hacking when she gets out of bed, even though you gave her the prescribed expensive prescription yesterday? What to do? Give her breakfast in bed. How does that work?

In allergy, you have what I call, a crooked thermostat.

Without allergy you go from hot to cold without problems. Your body is designed to adjust nicely.

But, with allergy, instead of the normal adjustment to temperature change, when you get chilled, you sneeze and hack. This movement does warm the body; but once you start the sneezing, it continues, often all day.

When you sleep your temperature normally goes down. When you leave the warm bed and your feet hit the cold floor and you breathe the relatively cooler air, you need to make an adjustment to the temperature change. In allergy, that’s the sneeze and hack, because the thermostat is now “crooked.”

The solution is to drink hot tea, or hot cereal or hot chocolate, preferably with bread or cereal, before getting out of bed. Now, the temperature is adjusted and there is no need to sneeze. You don’t activate the crooked thermostat. Getting chilled is bad for allergy. Iced drinks, in and out of air conditioning, a fan blowing on you – with the crooked thermostat, you increase your allergy symptoms.
Does this work? I have written about this for years and I get letters from readers of my book, Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy all the time on how that simple action reduced their allergy symptoms.

Why tea? Green and black tea, with or without caffeine, has various elements that really benefit any allergy. For the child, try to find a honey or jam that suits the child’s taste. This doesn’t have to be boiling hot, just so it is warm. The reason allergy may lead to a sinus infection is that, with constant sneezing, the nasal cilia that normally move bacteria out of the nose, become exhausted. Drinking hot tea speeds the nasal cilia and helps to restore good cilia function of moving the bacteria out of the nose and sinuses.

Remember, allergy is like arithmetic, you need a ten:

Pollen is four, dust is 2, fatigue is four, getting chilled is four equals 14 you get symptoms.

If pollen is four, dust is two, no fatigue, chilled is three equals nine, no symptoms.

Other factors such as hot spicy foods, avoiding pollen, less dust in the bedroom are all part of the allergy arithmetic.

I am fully aware that the busy mother doesn’t have time to serve a hot breakfast in the bedroom. Try finding a flavor the child will accept and prepare a thermos. Surprisingly, once the child understands how effective this is, they will even volunteer to prepare the thermos themselves!

Today we understand that the fewer drugs, antibiotics, that the child takes, the better his/her health. The breakfast in bed, the warm tea, reducing the arithmetic of allergy can help.

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