Guest Post – Margaret Jules, Top Exercises That Improve Your Golf Game

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golferWhenever we watch a game of golf, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is such a comfortable game with no physical exertion at all. But we are wrong. Golf also involves, like some other games, affair degree of exertion. This exertion is generally caused by following the ball which you yourself have swung. In order to tackle this exertion, being fit is the most important factor. There are some particular exercises that can help you gain fitness and thus improve your golf game:

• Yoga has been rated as the #1 exercise that golfers may do in order to reduce the risk of injury as well as to support their range of motion. While starting to work out, the biggest mistake that people do is to ignore stretching beforehand. Yoga can be used as the first thing to do before exercise as it loosens up your body. By loosening, your body would be able to fulfill all those needs which are missing.

• Warming up your wrists and forearms is another important thing when you are doing some exercise just for the purpose of improving your golf game. Drawing imaginary figure eights for about 10-12 times with drivers stretched out is something quite useful. Remember to do this before doing a single drive.

While playing golf, the part of your body which you are using the most is your lower back.

• While playing golf, the part of your body which you are using the most is your lower back. So its needs to be kept in very good condition or otherwise it could result in some injury which is definitely the worst thing to happen to anyone. You just need to take loads of bed rest for that. In order to avoid these circumstances, try conditioning your back with exercises like toe touches, straight-leg sit-ups and also some bicep-curls. The most effective exercise for your lower back is definitely what we call the lower back twist. For this, you need to lie down straight on the floor and cross your right leg over your left one. Take hold of your right leg with your left hand and then pull the knee down to the floor. This exercise will cause a twist in your spine, thus making it more and more flexible through regular workouts.

• Glutes play an important role in making your golf shot strong and steady. That is why they must be kept toned and firm. There are two different ways through which you can achieve those perfect glutes- squats and lounges. In squats, you need to stand by keeping your feet apart. Go as low as you can and make sure that you keep your feet behind your toes.

jogger• Jogging is another thing which you could do in order to maintain physical fitness as well as to improve your golf game. There may be times when you would not need to run to each hole, but every good game of golf lasts for a couple of hours and requires at least some amount of walking. You can try walking or running on your treadmill twice or thrice during a week as this will not only improve your game but also give you the gift of stamina and physical fitness.

Thus, with these easy-to-do exercises you are certainly going to rock the game of golf the next time you play it.

– Guest author Margaret Jules loves writing, traveling and playing golf. These days she is working on million dollar golf game.