Guest Post – Carol Whitaker, Top 10 Tips To Transform Your Physique

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womantwistingWe all have the innate power to create and manifest our lives on purpose with intention, including transforming our bodies. If you really want to get in shape then you can! You have the innate ability to change your life and your body in miraculous ways.

If you feel stuck in your current way of life or feel sluggish from being overweight or out of shape it’s okay, you can change your lifestyle by taking steps in the right direction to improve your fitness level and quality of life.

If beginning a fitness routine seems overwhelming then begin with baby steps as you move forward in living a fit lifestyle. You can go for a walk taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. The more you get moving the more you will desire to exercise.

By following my Top 10 Tips for Fitness Success below you will be able to take control of your life to become happier, healthier and more confident in all that you do. Each area of your life will dramatically improve by incorporating fitness into your way of life. If you embrace these tips then life in turn will embrace you. It’s an awesome way to live!



womanfitnessBelieve in all that you are. You are a remarkable being of pure energy & light. You have all that is needed within you right now to transform your physique. Begin by loving all that you are just as you are now regardless of your age, weight and size. Your body is a mirror of your inner-dialog so when you change your thought you will indeed change your body with less effort and ease.

I always say “Believe in your dreams! Dreams really do come true!” If you dream to be fit and thin then BELIEVES YOU CAN BE! Your mind is very powerful it is your greatest tool to transform your body because thoughts always become things. So believe in yourself to enable you to accomplish your weight loss & fitness goals and dreams.


By moving more your body will become more energized and you will soon have the desire to exercise more intensely. Your body is designed to be active; it craves exercise equally to craving food and sleep. We weren’t born to sit in front of a computer all day or be a couch potato. We were created to live healthy active lives to invigorate our body each day.

You can start living a fit lifestyle at any age, size or weight. It all begins with believing that you are worth it and that you deserve to have all the beautiful gifts of life in each area of your life.


It’s easy to complain about our bodies, it’s easy to overeat constantly or to crave junk food.

It’s easy to complain about our bodies, it’s easy to overeat constantly or to crave junk food. But it’s also easy to let all the negative self-talk go which stirs the desire to crave foods that spike your insulin for a quick pick me up and then leaves you feel fat, bloated and depressed. If you find that you’re constantly complaining about your looks or if you have habitual negative self-talk then decide here and now to STOP IT!

Just as a loving parent teaches their child to stay away from a busy road when playing, you need to do the same in your own conscious mind and stay away from the “dangers” of negative inner-dialog. The more you speak kindly and supportive about yourself the more you will be able to let go of the limiting thoughts of disbelief to that of desire for success and a desire for healthier foods and being more active throughout the day. So do yourself a huge favor and only speak and think kindly about yourself, your body will reward in many ways for doing so.


As you being your fitness journey do so with an action plan to achieve success. Goals are a simple way to clarify in your mind exactly what you want and will achieve. Begin by writing down 3 goals that you believe YOU CAN and WILL achieve within a week or two. Make them simple enough to be able to accomplish them each day. Post your goals where you can read them morning and night. Read them with enthusiasm as though you have already accomplished your goals.

Once you accomplish your goals reward yourself by doing something that bring you joy like buying a new pair of your favorite jeans or getting a pedicure. Then create new goals and continue the process until you reach your ideal fitness goals and body weight.


It’s easy to put off exercising after all life can be too busy as is without having to try to find the time to exercise.

It’s easy to put off exercising after all life can be too busy as is without having to try to find the time to exercise. That way of thinking will not get you where you want to be. If you want to feel empowered on a daily basis then make your workouts a high priority on your to-do list. Each time you exercise your brain released feel-good hormones which improves health and wellness naturally.

Set a designated time each day to workout write it in your schedule just as you would an important meeting. To help motivate you set out your workout clothes on your dresser the night before and get dressed first thing in the morning to keep you focused to exercise first thing in the morning. It’s a perfect energizing way to begin each day.


If you don’t have a designated location to workout you won’t workout. Select a gym that’s near your home or create your own home gym to save travel time and gas money. All you need are dumbbells, a bench and a mirror and you have your very own gym! It doesn’t matter where you exercise it only matters that you exercise regularly. Decide today where you will work out and visualize yourself exercising at that location to create a desire to make exercise apart of your daily routine.

Begin your fitness journey by incorporating activities that you enjoy doing most, if it’s taking your dog on a speed walk each morning count that as your cardio until you build enough endurance to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for 20 to 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week. Do what makes you happy and you’ll be more likely to exercise on a regular basis as well as become more passionate about fitness.


Log your way to success by keeping track of your diet and exercise routine daily. Buy a notebook it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive any notebook will do. Write down everything you eat and how you felt when you ate, pay special attention to your emotions when you have a craving for junk food. It highly rewarding to look back and see your progress as well as have a history of what worked best.

Write down your workout the day and then record what you actually did the following day. This will help you stay on track and it is highly rewarding to write down your accomplishments. Having a game plan will also help to avoid giving into those unwanted cravings


Learn to love weight lifting. Strength training is so fun—truly! If you want to transform your physique from flabby to fit then why not sculpt it as well. Lifting weights can be done in the comforts of your home you do not need a fancy gym membership to transform your body. I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since I got married 20 years ago. I built my body with dumbbells in my home gym it’s my favorite room in my home. And YOU can too!

All you need are 3 sets of dumbbells, medium, heavy and heavier to keep your muscles building as you improve your strength and endurance. A full length mirror so you can see yourself use proper form and an incline bench to lift on. You can also put up motivation posters and a calendar to log your success. And you may want to have your iPod handy to keep you pumped as you lift, I love working out to music, I blast it loud to energize my efforts optimally when training, it makes my workout more stimulating.


A healthy diet is a key to transforming your physique. Eating a small meal every 3 to 4 hours it will jump start your metabolism as well as help keep your blood sugar level. Make your three main meals consist of lean protein, complex carbs and fresh veggies and have a protein snack between your main meals.

Portion control is a must, use the size of the palm of your hand for a portion of protein and complex carbs, you can eat all the fresh veggies your stomach can handle. Use high quality whey protein powder if needed to ensure you get enough protein into your diet. Protein is a huge part of a fit diet plan for any athlete.

Don’t forget to drink up. Our bodies are made mostly of water; every cell in our body requires water to detoxify and replenish, so if you forget to drink water throughout the day you are limiting your body’s ability to be repair and rejuvenate. Water not only heals our bodies but it also raises the metabolism. I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go, it’s a like carrying my purse, I never leave home without a 32 oz water. Make it a habit to always have water with you.


Happiness is a choice. When you choose to see the silver lining in each of life experiences you’ll soon come to realize just how magical life truly is. Your attitude is the foundation of having a happy life. When you are happy you are in a vibration of creation which will attract back to you more to be thankful for, including having a healthier, stronger, thinner body. Your body is a direct manifestation of your beliefs, so the more you stay positive the more positively your body will respond to fitness training.

Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the fastest ways to manifest more that which you desire in all areas of your life. So if you long to be happier and fit then have feelings of love and appreciation for your miraculous body. Share your love with others by giving of your time, talents and abundance.

Appreciate all that you are and live your life as it was design to be, joyful! You are deserving and worthy to have all that your heart desires and much, much more… but only if you choose to believe in you. You have the power to transform you body and life as you wish it to be. Begin today by incorporating these tips to create & manifest your dreams.

You have the power to create your body just as you want it to be. Take action today to seeing a difference tomorrow. Follow your heart and take inspired action to create the life & body of your dreams. Believe in all that you are, you are magnificent!

cw– Carol Whitaker, Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Coach,