Guest Post – Archie Ward, Can Caralluma Help Me Lose Weight?

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bellymeasurementsmallIf you are trying to lose weight and have been having a difficult time getting good results by changing your eating habits and increasing the amount of exercise you get each week, you may be interested in trying a supplement such as Caralluma. A member of the cactus family, Caralluma fimbriata has been used by people living in India for hundreds of years to help curb their appetite.

Caralluma is also purported to help users get more energy. Laborers in India, for example, will take Caralluma to help them work harder and longer while keeping their cravings for food at bay. Tribal hunters are also said to use Caralluma to help them stay focused when they are hunting for game in India. In fact, it has been reported that people will use Caralluma during periods of famine.

These uses have caught the eyes of Western researchers who are eager to find a solution to the mounting obesity problem that is so prevalent in the developed world.

People interested in using Caralluma fimbriata will eat it raw or use it in cooked dishes. It also is used in a preserved state by pickling it or as an ingredient in a chutney in India. For more standardized amounts, Caralluma is also available as an extract which you can take in the form of a pill or in a liquid extract.

Potential Benefits of Caralluma

The main potential benefits of using Caralluma fimbriata are to increase your energy levels and to decrease your feelings of hunger.

The main potential benefits of using Caralluma fimbriata are to increase your energy levels and to decrease your feelings of hunger. These two effects are supposed to help you lose weight because not only would you be less tempted to eat too much food, you may feel more encouraged to increase your exercise levels.

Scientists think that by consuming Caralluma fimbriata, its pregnane glycosides work to inhibit hunger sensations sent by a person’s stomach nerves to the hypothalamus in the brain. Blocking these hunger signals is supposed to fool you into thinking you are already full, so you won’t be tempted to eat or to overeat.

What’s more, researchers believe that Caralluma fimbriata has a powerful effect on burning fat. It supposedly blocks acetyl co-enzyme A along with malonyl co-enzyme A to decrease the synthesis of fat in the human body. Not only that, Caralluma fimbriata should boost your body’s ability to burn existing fat.

Possible Side Effects

People who take 500 mg of an extract of Caralluma twice a day for as many as 60 days seem to be safe, according to WebMD. The WebMD site notes that some people might experience some mild side effects when using Caralluma extract, including constipation, pain in the stomach or upset stomach or intestinal gas, but that the side effects typically dissipated after approximately seven days of use.

There is insufficient data on the effect of people using Caralluma during pregnancy. People who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid using Caralluma to be on the safe side, according to WebMD.

Losing weight can be quite difficult for people. Besides changing your diet and adding more exercise to your routine, it may help you to meet with other people to support one another as you work to lose excess fat. Using Caralluma to help you get rid of unwanted pounds may be beneficial to you as you in your journey toward improved health.

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