Chemical Toxicity – What Is It And What Can You Do About It? – Part 2

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By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

girlappleWhere do you start with minimizing exposure? Here are a few suggestions:

* Use naturally based body care products whenever possible. Avoid ones that contain chemical fragrances, colors, and preservatives

* When you are around new furniture, building materials, etc., be sure to thoroughly air out the house, especially sleeping areas

* Filter the water used for drinking and bathing to avoid common chemicals in tap water. Don’t flush harmful chemicals such as unused prescription drugs and paint down the toilet or sink

* Eat real food from local organic sources as much as possible to avoid common food preservatives, dyes and chemicals from containers. Avoid plants that have been treated with herbicides and pesticides. Don’t eat meat and eggs that have been raised with unnecessary antibiotics, chemicals and growth hormones.

* Use naturally-based house-cleaning and pesticide products

* Read labels: it’s not a good sign if a food, body care, or house-cleaning product contains lots of long chemical-sounding words you can’t pronounce

* Contact your legislators and urge their action on bills to protect people, animals and the environment from chemical products and wastes

Six ways to regularly remove chemicals from your body include:

water1. Urination every few hours by drinking lots of pure filtered water. Recommended amount of ounces per day is your body weight divided by 2 or 3. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 50 to 75 ounces of water per day. This helps remove chemicals that are filtered by the kidneys.

2. Regular bowel movements. Your bowels should move easily 1-3 times per day to remove larger chemical particles and for many other health reasons. Keep them moving with sufficient water, fiber, exercise, healthy nerve supply via chiropractic care, and whole food supplements if needed for regularity.

3. Deep breathing to remove gaseous wastes from the lungs and improve circulation of blood and lymphatic system. Do this by singing, yoga breathing, chanting, love-making, exercising, and taking ten deep breaths several times per day.

4. Regular sweating to clean wastes through pores in the skin. Do this via exercise, sunbathing, sauna, hot baths, and working.

5. Detox programs two to four times per year to assist internal cleansing via the bowels, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymphatics and skin. We recommend the Standard Process 21 Day Purification program.

6. A personalized nutrition program such as SNB (Stressor-Nutrient Balancing) to detect an overabundance of chemicals and determine what approach is best to remove them. Other excellent techniques include Nutrition Response Testing, System Strength Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, BioMeridian, and Contact Reflex Analysis.

Hiding your head in the sand isn’t going to make this one go away. There are many advantages of living in the 21st century, but we have to face the growing dangers of chemical toxicity and address them now.

Please share this important information with others. Find a practitioner who uses one of the nutritional-based healing methods. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions and concerns about you and your loved ones.

Mark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over forty years experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and holistic private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic. His book Radiant Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Optimal Body, Mind and Spirit was endorsed by Drs. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Bernie Siegel and others. Mark has been a frequent radio and TV guest and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show. He has presented many workshops on holistic health and spiritual awareness. He has been a review editor and regular contributor to many magazines and e-zines. Mark founded the Radiant Wellness Center and the Stressor-Nutrient Balancing healing method.

Disclaimer: Listing improvements of past patients’ problems does not imply a guarantee for those with similar conditions. I do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. I do teach people and health care professionals how to assist the body in healing itself of imbalances.