Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely During The Pandemic

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. With vaccines and COVID tests more widely accessible, this Thanksgiving feels much safer than last year. However, because there are still individuals who…

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How Can Masks Help Allergies?

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine… Masks have become an essential accessory since the beginning of the pandemic, but it turns out that they protect us from more than…

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Eating For Hunger Or Pleasure?

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Many times we eat, not because we are hungry, but because of social pressures or because the food is so appetizing, that, even…

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Set Routine To Avoid Excess Screen Time This School Year

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. After spending so much time in front of screens throughout the pandemic, many children may overdo their daily screen time, which can lead…

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Back-To-School Anxiety: How To Cope

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into a new school year, there are many challenges that families are facing, including the isolation and anxiety…

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Boy sleeping

Getting Kids On A Regular Sleep Schedule After Virtual Year

Submitted by the Baylor College Of Medicine…. Last year when COVID-19 first struck, students had to adjust to attending school online or on a hybrid schedule. While a virtual schedule…

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Author Interview – A.C. Morris

An interview with Author, A.C. Morris …. 1. What is your name? A.C. Morris 2. What is the name of your book? Beyond the Scars 3. Why did you get…

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Ways To Make Your Dental Clinic Welcoming For Kids

By Alana Wills…. General dental care is important through all stages of life, yet the vast majority of people feel ambivalent at best when it comes to scheduling and attending…

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How To Stay Safe When Attending Sports Events

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. As sports stadiums reopen after closing last year due to COVID-19, it is no surprise that fans are eager to see their favorite…

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Project ACES 2021

The 33rd anniversary of Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) will be taking place on May 5th, 2021.  Come join the fun whether you are doing it virtually or in…

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