Antioxidants – Questions & Answers – Part 2

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qaQ & A with Dr. Michael Wald on the topic of Antioxidants

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

6. Do you eat fruit every day? If so, what do you eat?

Yes for sure! Consume as much and as many fruits as you can daily if you want to promote longevity and reduce your chronic disease risk. Every day drink six scoops of my products dissolved in a fruit of veggie smoothie. So good!

7. Do you take any antioxidant supplements? If so, which ones and why?

In addition to my products Reds protect, Purple Longevity and Green’s Detox, I take extra supplements of antioxidants. The reason for this is that I am a marathon runner and I work long hours. Taking a few select antioxidants in addition to the many contained in my products helps to guarantee that I get certain antioxidants that my genetics, health history, laboratory work and other stressors demand that I get. These include resveratrol, vitamin E and selenium, lots of buffered vitamin C powder, lipoic acid and bioflavonoids.

8. When it comes to fruit is there anything we should watch out for?

Many people are concerned about the sugar content of fruit. It is true that “sugar” is bad, but the bad sugar is the glucose and sucrose found in refined and processed foods and desserts. Fruit sugar is fructose, combined with hundreds or thousands of healthy antioxidants and other nutrients, fiber and water that are not harmful to the body of most people – just the opposite in fact! Even most diabetics have no problem, and experience health benefits, from consuming fruits of all varieties. However, if a person is known to be sensitive or allergic to certain fruits they should be avoided. If a person determines that their blood sugar reacts badly (increases or decreases too dramatically), after consuming fruits, then these fruits have caused a hyper (high)- or hypo (low)- glycemic reaction and should either be avoided or combined with protein or fiber to make them tolerable.

9. What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Which one are you?

A dietician is a licensed health care provider that is qualified to give advice regarding nutritional intake during all phases of life in health or disease. A dietician is generally not trained in the use of herbs, vitamins, additional supplements of minerals and other nutritional compounds. The dietetic training teaches that all of our nutritional needs can and should solely be obtained by a balanced diet. The name, “nutritionist” does not define whether or not an individual is actually licensed or has any formalized training. A certified nutritional specialist (CNS) is a nutritional professional recognized by some states. Some states do not require licensure at all, which causes there to be a large number of unqualified “nutritionists”. There are also board certifications in nutrition. I am a licensed Dietician Nutritionist and CNS. I also have two board certifications in nutrition and hold a master’s degree in nutrition.

10. How can we best insure that we get in levels of antioxidants that supply our daily needs and might help offset our risk of chronic degenerative diseases?

broccoliIt is best of course to consume a large variety of fruits and vegetables from all sources. Nuts and seeds also contain antioxidants. I am not of the belief that diet is enough, particularly considering how toxic our world has become in terms of the environment. Stress, genetics, medications, exercise (or lack of it), various disease states and other factors increase our need of antioxidants exponentially according to my clinical experience and scientific studies. I would suggest that people consider super-food products like my Red’s Protect, Green’s Detox, Longevity Complete and Longevity Factors. These products are the result of my many years of research. I personally use them and so do most of my patients.

– Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, is the director of nutritional services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, located in Westchester New York. He has appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Channel 11 PIX, Channel 12 News, CNN, The Food Network and other media outlets. Dr. Wald earned the name Blood Detective for his reputation to find problems that are often missed by other doctors. He earned an MD degree, is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified dietician-nutritionist. He is also double-board certified in nutrition. He has published over a dozen books with three additional titles due for release late 2013 including: Frankenfoods – Genetically Modified Foods: Controversies, Lies & Your Health and Gluten-A-Holic: How to Live Gluten Free and the Blood Detective’s Longevity Secrets. Dr. Wald can be reached at: or or by calling: 914-242-8844.