5 Ways To Prepare Your Bedroom For The Colder Months

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By Aubrey Madrona

bedroomFall has now passed, and that means gusts of wind and dry, chilly weather as we move into the winter months. In weather like this, curling up in your bedroom with a hot beverage and a good book (or a good movie) is practically a must. But failing to adequately prepare your personal haven for the season can result in some cold, lonely nights—emphasis on the cold.

Here are 5 ways to prepare your bedroom for the cold months ahead:

1. Lay a strong foundation. Flooring that’s adaptable to extreme weather changes is always ideal. Durable stone tiles are perfect as both summer and winter flooring because, contrary to the popular belief that stone flooring is cold, stone tiles can actually trap heat effectively once they are warmed through with under-floor heating.

2. Bring on the rugs. A nice, soft rug instantly ups the coziness level of a room, and has the added advantage of keeping your feet toasty. Go for multiple smaller rugs, so you can put them away when warmer weather rolls around. Faux fur rugs are lovely to look at, and are very comfortable to walk on.

3. Cover up. Invest in a thick, fluffy duvet or comforter for your bed, which guarantees instant warmth and comfort. Feather or down comforters are especially cozy, and silk is perfect for those who are allergic to feathers. You can also opt for synthetic fibers, which are hypoallergenic and provide as much warmth. Duvets have tog ratings, which tell you how warm the duvet is. A tog rating of 12 and above is ideal for winter conditions. In lieu of a duvet, try an electric blanket or place a hot water bag between the comforter and the sheets to warm up your bed.

home4. Change your sheets. Typical cotton sheets can be too thin for cold weather, so opt for brushed cotton, jersey knit, or flannel sheets. To visually warm up your bed, get them in vibrant colors like red, orange, and fuchsia. Adding lavender scent to your sheets also helps you to sleep better and makes your room cozier.

5. Seal up the windows. Insulating your windows with rubber seals goes a long way toward keeping you warm, as small openings can cause cold air to enter your room, resulting in unwanted air conditioning. While you’re at it, give your windows a thorough cleaning as well so you can appreciate the beautiful scenery outside when you wake up in the morning.

Open your windows for a few hours during the day to get some fresh air, and let as much sunlight into your room as possible to warm the floor and brighten the area. Don’t forget to close them once you’re ready to snuggle up, though. You can also invest in a pair of fuzzy slippers, and keep a thick robe on hand so that you don’t get cold right away when you get out of bed. Properly prepping your bedroom for the cold can make it so comfy, you won’t be hit by the winter blahs.

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