5 Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

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The idea of working at home is nothing new to a lot of people, but current events in the world have many of us working from home more than ever. There are plenty of people who are most likely not going to return to the office after the pandemic is over and will work their jobs from home.

The problem is that working from home ‘online’ is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with several unique challenges. There is a lot of temptation at home – from all the snacks in the fridge, the temptation to work in bed, and – of course – the temptation to not work at all. Here are some working from home tips to help you stay healthy and productive while you’re working at home.

  1. Create a Routine and Stick to It

Humans are creatures of habit, and there is no getting around that. There is no reason to skip out on your morning routine just because you are not getting on a bus or train and commuting to work. Make sure that you still get up at a regular time and do everything you usually would, such as having breakfast and taking a shower. It helps to get changed out of your pajamas too. You might not be about to leave the house any time soon but getting changed – even into something casual – has an impact on your thought patterns. Preparing for work, even when working at home, puts you in the headspace to get to work.

You will have an easier time working from home if you stick to the same schedule that you did in the office. If you regularly keep nine-to-five hours at the office, then do it at home too. One problem with jobs at home is that you can get lose track of time. It is easier to get burned out working at home, especially if you lose track of time and do not sustain a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Create a Workspace

The temptation to stay in bed or work on the sofa is strong when working from home online. The people that have been running jobs from home for a long time say that you need to get out of bed and create a workstation in your home. It is not like you need a proper desk and computer chair, either. Your workspace could be as simple as a dining room table.

The key is to have a separate space within your home where you work. It needs to feel like an “office,” but you do not need an actual home office. You need a space where you put yourself in the mindset of being in an office at work. This helps to remove distractions and is a place in the home you can leave all your work behind, so it does not get in the way. Leaving your work at work is more difficult when you work from home, after all.

  1. Get Up and Move

It’s good to have a separate workspace, but don’t let yourself stay there all day. Staying attached to your desk is just as unhealthy at home as it was at the office. If anything, it can be more unhealthy working at home. Being in an office presents a lot of reasons to get up and move about, such as commuting, talking to other staff, and taking a break.

Aim to get up and move around at least once an hour while working. If you have found yourself with some extra time because you do not commute, then why not take advantage of it? Use that extra hour or so to do some light exercise. Taking a walk at lunchtime is another simple way to get up and move about when working from home.

  1. Fresh Air is Key

Getting outdoors and getting fresh air is an essential part of working from home. It can be more challenging to do this right now; what with experts recommending that you limit exposure to other people and companies urging you to stay in and work. You will likely be spending more time sitting around the house than usual, anyway.

joggingThe good news is that staying in is no reason not to get some fresh air. You can do something simple, like opening your window. Opening a window is one of those simple working from home tips that goes a long way. Opening your windows lets in more natural light and fresh air into your room. Do not be afraid to go outside and take a walk if you can. It should be safe to do so in unpopulated areas and at times when other people are staying in. Do not forget to wash your hands when you get back home.

  1. Get the Right Equipment

There are plenty of options for working from home. For some, there is a good chance you will be sat at a chair and shackled to your desk for most of the day like you would be at an office. If you have a home office or a new designated work area, consider getting some office furniture to not only complete the look and feel of an office but make working at home healthier.

Things such as ergonomic chairs are a godsend for people who work at home. These chairs offer plenty of comfort and support so you can stay seated without developing back problems. Standing desks are a good idea too if you are worried about sitting for too long. Change the settings on your computer or get filtered eye-wear to deal with the harmful blue light your computer puts out. At the very least, you want to keep your screen at the right height to prevent back and neck issues. Your computer screen should be at eye level, so you do not spend all day with your neck craned down towards it.


Working from home comes with some unique challenges you will not find at an office. These challenges are easy to overcome, however. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe and healthy while working at home!

Guest post from Expert Media Design.