2014: An Introspective Year – Part 2

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By Elizabeth Summers, Esoteric Numerologist

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

brainExpect further development in the understanding of mental health issues. Depression caused by economic fears may become more of a public issue to be dealt with. Movement away from chemicals to more holistic approaches for medical treatments may become more popular and written about. More emphasis will be given to organic foods, as the Number Seven has a strong instinct for purity of health through foods. This enthusiasm is similar to a Virgo health fetish.

The Number Seven is a code for the intellect, inventiveness and research. Expect advances in technology to surge in 2014 as science, technology and research will become optimum. New appliances, medicines, gadgets and widgets will come to the fore, boggling the mind for sure.

A need to uncover hidden answers will become a joy to many; cold case answers will be discovered by detectives, fossil forms with hidden treasures will be unearthed by archaeologists and anthropologists. Secrets in relationships that have never before been revealed may become unmasked.

A sense of the past becomes a curiosity to Number Seven energies. People will want to enjoy ‘the good ole days’ when there was not as much fear and all were ‘happy days.’ Businesses that focus on nostalgia- antiques, recipes from our childhood and retro fashion may show themselves yet again over 2014.

Discernment will be a key word in 2014, physically, financially and governmentally. More will be revealed as to the ethics (or lack thereof) of our elected officials, and a “push” to remove them will resound in the ethers. There will be a sense of retreat and re-evaluation in people’s lives throughout 2014. It will become blatantly obvious that the truth has not been provided to them by those they have trusted, and the populace will begin to understand that they should no longer give their power away to others. The year of 2014 is about “personal regrouping.” As Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true.” The introspective year of 2014 is about finding one’s own truth, not ‘the other guy’s,’ in order to be happy, content, and in one’s own power in life.

To move forward in one’s personal life in 2014, we must come from our hearts, not our heads and egos. Number Seven is about trust and acceptance. Stay with heart based approaches. Trust that heart-based choices will guide you where you are to go and be, doing what you need to do in any moment. Know that your soul will take as long as it needs in order to move you forward in blessings and that when you surrender (which is different than giving up), what comes into your life next will be better and for your highest good and your greatest joy.

When we choose fear, whether in our career, relationships or finances, physical ailments may arise. When we choose faith and trust in a Universe that can keep the stars in the sky, surrender to the Divine and let go of control, all will be well, slowly but surely.

– Esoteric Numerologist Elizabeth Summers is adept at combining Numerology, an ancient system of codes based on the Western Pythagorean System, with astrology and the Chaldean/Quabala interpretations of the Tarot to decode an individual’s temperament and personality, their attitude towards life, emotional reactions, best career choice, deepest desires, and the general issue they are meant to deal with in this life. To enjoy a personal reading with Elizabeth, please email: [email protected] or call 303-702-5420