Boost Your Fitness Website’s Visibility With Creative Web Design

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By Sarah Hess

seocloudWith the advent of globalization, it’s become a crowded market place. As a San Diego web designer, I see a lot of businesses competing to gain attention, particularly in the fitness and health industries. How is a business to stand out of the crowd when there’s a million franchises in the same town offering the same bootcamp exercises, the same low cal juicing options, and more? The answer is simple: set your business apart with creative web design. Let’s discuss how your business can dominate its niche with top notch web design.

Don’t Blend In, Stand Out!

When consumers search the internet for fitness programs, or healthy food alternatives, they’re looking for something specific. What many businesses don’t understand is they’re looking for something that is both visually pleasing as well as being informative and entertaining. How is a business to accomplish these lofty goals?

The following ideas can help a business to stand out and distinguish itself as a leader in the fitness and health industries:

• Branded unique website. How many websites rely upon tired templates that freebie sites offer? The same color scheme, the same icons and widgets exist in every single fitness site it seems. Absent a branded scheme offered by some of the larger fitness brands, this seems to be a recurring problem in the industry. The good news is, that for less than businesses imagined, they can step out of that rut and get custom designed website content that reflects their unique brand, spirit, and goals. Personalization speaks to consumers. We all ultimately want to feel like we’re receiving a unique experience when we frequent a business and a customized branded website can offer that experience.

• Easy to use navigation. When consumers visit a website, they’re looking for clean, easy to use web design. As a San Diego web designer, I often see businesses have cluttered their navigation, making it nearly impossible for some users to navigate around the site. How are consumers supposed to find what they need and then convert into a sale if a business makes this difficult for them? A good web designer can clean up a site so that it is easy to use and facilitates conversion.

seo• SEO friendly. Search engines want to feature the best, most relevant content for users. But many businesses offer up websites that are counterproductive to that goal. As search engine algorithms change, so too do the requirements to rank highly. Best practices dictate that web designers should focus on clean code, a variety of content, informative and educational content that is a minimum of 400 words of text per page, and more. Businesses seeking to rank well are encouraged to seek the help of a web design firm who can create a website that takes advantage of these SEO friendly tools and anticipates future changes.

• Social plug ins. These days, a business who isn’t present in social media is stuck in the past. They’re also not able to reach consumers in the places they congregate online. Social media is becoming increasingly important as both a method for consumers to find and evaluate the businesses they consider frequenting, but also as an SEO tool. Search engines are increasingly considering the social signals that indicate a website is valuable. The more people interact and share a business’ social content, the higher they will rate in search engines.

It’s Time to Get Creative!

When it comes to positioning a business online, the trick is to think creatively. Good marketing begins with creative web design. All the top notch marketing efforts in the world won’t be able to make up for website shortcomings. Consumers can be drawn to the website, but will they stay? Will they interact? Will they ultimately convert into paying customers? It’s time to start thinking about the important pieces of branding, positioning, and ultimately marketing a successful fitness and health business. And that begins with creative web design.

– Sarah Hess is CEO and owner of Sarah Hess Designs, a full service San Diego web design firm. Sarah specializes in creating websites and marketing materials for small to mid- size businesses that help to position them as leaders in the marketplace. Many of Sarah’s clients are fitness and health industry clients who have found great success with her team’s dynamic designs supported by responsive internet marketing tools. To connect with Sarah, please visit:

Tech Tools – Diana Barsan

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Guest author Diana Barsan discusses how a LinkedIn Profile can help your health and fitness business. It has worked for her dental office – she makes some great tips…..

12 Tips To Increase Visibility Of Your Business LinkedIn Profile

By Diana Barsan

linkedinLinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media tools available and essential to lead generation efforts. A LinkedIn company page will give your practice the opportunity to promote your products and services, recruit top talent and share exciting, helpful updates about your office.

According to HubSpot, traffic from LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook. If you use Facebook and Twitter to boost your online image, you should definitely consider signing up for a LinkedIn account to assist your lead generation activities. It’s free and easy!

Here are some helpful tips to create and optimize a powerful LinkedIn page for your practice:

1) Start with a detailed profile. Make sure you fill all the sections with relevant information for your target audience.

2) Create a helpful “Company Overview” description, with the most important information about your practice at the top. Also, encourage connections through Twitter, Facebook and your blog.

3) Bring your LinkedIn company page to life with a great banner. Use the banner space to illustrate your practice’s unique brand and message.

4) Make sure you use the same logo you use on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Foursquare.

5) When it comes to company page admins, you have two choices: you can select either all employees with a valid email address registered to your domain or specific users only.

6) “Company Specialties” is an important section because this is LinkedIn’s SEO strategy. When people are searching for companies, you want to make sure that your practice appears in relevant situations. Add a few keywords that make sense to help the company page get found. Here are some examples: Denver dentist, dental care, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, pediatrics, Invisalign orthodontics, downtown Denver dentist, etc.

7) Use the “Product Tab” to promote products/events/services. This section is a really powerful tool. You have the chance to explain each of your services individually, and ask your patients to “recommend” them. Extra tip: add a video to your Product Page. This will help the product page look more lively and interactive.

8) Link to a landing page (it’s the page your visitors arrive at after clicking on a link) on your Overview Page. The landing page could be a sign-in form for a newsletter, events, news, etc. Using an effective landing page will help in driving patient traffic and referrals.

9) Opt-in to “Show News” about your company. It will automatically post any interesting and relevant news articles and press releases about your office to your company page. This is a nice way to show how your practice is impacting the industry.

10) Direct Engagement in Groups. Follow 10-15 groups on LinkedIn that are in the same industry or use similar keywords. Find key players and potential patients and follow them. Distribute your practice updates or helpful tips into Groups, and make sure you follow up on all comments.

11) Share Status Updates with your practice’s connections. Updating consistently will keep you top-of-mind with your connections. LinkedIn has stated that you only need 100-200 followers for your “Company Page” to reach the tipping point to start making an impact and driving engagement.

12) Encourage your employees to optimize their profiles. Be sure that all individual profiles are completely filled out — including the Summary, Specialties and Job Position sections — with keyword-rich descriptions. Include links to Twitter profiles, as well as links to your practice website and blog, if applicable.

– Guest post by Diana Barsan – from Riverfront Dental Designs, a downtown Denver practice with an optimized LinkedIn page.