Health Briefs TV To Present View On Obesity Update

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obesityHealth Briefs TV will soon present a segment covering the updates on obesity.

Health Briefs TV is scheduled to present a View on obesity segment update. More than two-thirds of the American population is overweight or obese, according to a recently published report. The top-notch health and medical show will examine preventative steps communities, families and schools can take to combat the medical and societal problem. From corner stores to school lunch rooms and kitchen pantries, there are always healthy alternatives to choose. The health briefs segment will air soon on cable television networks – regionally and nationally – in the United States.

The Health Briefs TV show explores the emerging technologies, progressive treatments, revolutionary people, and innovative healthcare options that are all part of the global health industry. It explores topics relating to the health and medical fields and offers valuable information about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many common ailments. The show’s producers take pride in sharing up-to-date, valuable information about new procedures, prevention tips and outstanding businesses. It also features interviews with innovative health and medical professionals in the industry.

The program is hosted by Kevin Harrington. It is headquartered in South Florida and films on location throughout the United States and Canada. It is broadcast on most regional and national cable television networks. The show is a proud leader of quality, educational programming. It is produced in part by Anthony DiMeglio, Melissa Leibowitz and Rob Marshall. Join the fans, the show’s staff on popular social sites to discuss and comment on stories of the day. Learn more about Health Briefs TV on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and

A Profile View Of Skating Blades

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By John Harmata

askmredgeWhat happens when a skater can no longer spin correctly or has difficultly with jump take offs and landings? The usual comment is that the blade has lost the rocker or its original profile, which is most commonly 7 or 8 foot.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the number; 7 or 8 foot as an example. What would you say if I said there is more than one rocker to a blade and that in many cases it doesn’t even come close to 7 or 8 foot?

Let’s dissect a blade and see. First we need to understand how blades get their profile, the positioning of it on the blade and how it is lost over time.

1. Achieving blade profile – Almost all blade profiles are now created using CAD drawings (computer assisted drawings), which are very accurate. The drawings are fed into a computer assisted laser cutting machine where they are cut out accordingly – again very accurate.

2. The placement of the profile/rocker is extremely important because this is where the spin point is established. Some blades will have the profile curve a bit further up to the front of the toe picks, while others will have it placed back a bit. Either placement is fine, but this is not the 7 or 8 foot rocker that blade radius is based upon. The remaining curvature behind this point is that which is labeled 7 or 8 foot. Long story short………it doesn’t matter if your blade is marked 7, 8, or whatever, because you are not spinning on the back part of the blade. Skaters spin on the front curvature, which is quite different than the rest of the blade. To show you some of the differences, refer to the drawing guide.

Paramount Blade Profile Charts

Once the front curvature of the blade is removed (after several sharpenings), spins and jumps become more difficult. So you see, having a 7 or 8 foot rocker is irrelevant. What matters more, which is never addressed is the accuracy of the blade edge from front to back and the amount of edge bit you get from a blade made using modern day technology instead of those from outdated manufacturing methods.

What makes the difference is the accuracy of the drawing and what is done to the blades after they have been cut out.

Have a great skater everyone………
Mr. Edge

– Guest author, John Harmata,

Changing Your View On “Fear”

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By Diane Lang

womancouchOur biggest fear is a huge crisis where everything changes and we feel out of control. The good news: A huge crisis is just the kick in the butt we need to accept change. So, lets look at fear from a different perspective. Lets look at fear as a good thing. The next time a crisis, a negative event or situation hits instead of getting nervous, scared and upset lets change our point of view and look at it differently. Here are a few tips to help you accept change and release fear:

When the negative event, crisis or situation happens stop for a second and ask yourself:

1. Why did this happen- what wasn’t I listening to? paying attention to?

2. What needs aren’t being met?

3. What changes do I need to make?

4. What did I learn from this?

Then “Thank your fear” for leading you in the right direction. Fear and change stops us in our tracks and makes us look at life differently. It forces us to see what isn’t going right. It forces us to make changes when we don’t want to.

If you want more proof. Look back at every crisis you have had and how it was only temporary and it eventually led you down a better path.


The loss of a job that brought you a better job or gave you the motivation to change career paths or start your own business.

The divorce that ended up putting you with your soul mate.

The illness that made you stop in your tracks and ended up teaching you to slow down, enjoy life and have better relationships.

During your next crisis, negative event or situation pay really close attention. These are all wake up calls. So, next time ask yourself:

1. What is truly going on?

2. What do I really want?

3. What lesson did I miss?

Then slow down to hear the message. Its always there we just get wrapped up on moving through the fear as fast as possible that we don’t wait long enough to hear the answer.
If you don’t pay attention now, there will be another crisis right around the corner.
The choice is yours. I choose to look at fear as a blessing!

Challenge – how can you release fear today?

Diane Lang – Positive Living Expert and psychotherapist – is a nationally recognized speaker, happinesss author, educator, therapist and media expert. Lang is extremely mediagenic and offers expertise on a variety of health and wellness topics about creating balance and finding happiness through positive living as well as multiple mental health, lifestyle and parenting needs. In addition to holding multiple counseling positions, Diane is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University.