3 Things To Look For In A New Dentist

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By Staci Rae

dentistIn order to have great looking teeth, you will have to put in a lot of work. The only way you will be able to keep your luminous smile, you will need to find the right dental professional in your area. With all of the many options when it comes to dentists in any given area, finding the right one will take some time and effort. You need to make a list of what you are looking for in a dentist and then go out in search of the right professional to fit the bill. Here are a few things you have to look for in a dentist office.

Knowledge and Vast Experience

The first thing you have to look for in a dentist is experience and a vast amount of knowledge about their chosen profession. The more you are able to find out about a dentist and how long they have been around, the easier you will find it to choose the right one. Make sure to do your own research to verify anything you are being told by a particular dentist.

A Great Staff

Another very important thing you have to consider when trying to find the right dentist is the type of staff they have. In order to get a feel for the staff at a particular dentist’s office you will need to schedule a consultation. By getting a firsthand look at what a particular dentist office can offer, you will be able to make the right choice. Be sure to weigh all of the options you have so you can get the full scope of what is out there. The time you spend going to these different dentist’s offices will be more than worth it.

Knowing Their Cost on Procedures Performed

If you do not have insurance, you need to think about how much you are going to have to pay for the procedures you need. The time you spend doing the research on this factor is worth it when you are able to adequately budget yourself. Make sure you call around to as many different offices as you can to get a feel for what the going rate for dental work is in your area. The more you can find out about this, the easier you will find it to get the right dentist chosen in your area.

The right dentist will be able to help you keep your teeth in pristine condition with ease. The time invested in this process will pay off in the end.

– Staci has been a freelance writer and editor for more than 15 years. She has worked on a wide variety of projects for a kaleidoscope of clients, from websites and guest blog posts to academic writing and ghostwriting 3 fiction books. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and their 8-year-old daughter. She also writes articles for a dental office in Scarborough.

Dentist Weighs In On New Trend Of Overbleaching Teeth

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Thank you to PRWeb and Dr. Ronald Receveur for supplying this article. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below…..

malesmileDr. Ronald Receveur, a New Albany dentist with worldwide training and experience placing dental implants in a day, has written a blog cautioning the public about the effects of overusing teeth-whitening treatments.

In his blog published Dec. 23 to his website, http://www.NewAlbanyImplants.com, Dr. Receveur writes that overusing teeth-whitening treatments can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even irreversible damage to enamel.

“Because teeth-whitening treatments are available in every drugstore or grocery store, people assume they are harmless,” Dr. Receveur said. “But we’re seeing a new wave of patients who overuse teeth-whitening treatments and create serious dental issues for themselves. In some extreme cases, the bleaching treatments make the teeth appear translucent.”

Teeth-whitening products have become so popular that Americans are spending about $1 billion on over-the-counter treatments every year, Dr. Receveur said.

“With a dentist by your side or in moderation, teeth-whitening products can be very safe and incredibly successful,” Dr. Receveur said. “But misusing these products can lead to serious oral health issues. At our office, we provide safe cosmetic dentistry services that can brighten your smile.”

Dr. Receveur offers New Albany cosmetic dental procedures and general dentistry such as teeth cleanings, X-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, teeth whitening and veneers.

Dr. Receveur also has vast experience with All On 4 dental implants, All on Six dental implants, One Day Smile Solution, dental implants in one hour, bone grafting and sinus lifts, all with IV sedation dentistry. He has been restoring implants with prosthetics and complex dentistry for 25 years and surgically placing implants since 2008.

To read the complete article…..Click here

Menopausal Women Should Visit Dentist More Often

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By Dr. Piero

womanarmupMore is not always better, but in the case of professional dental cleanings and menopausal women, visiting the dentist four times a year may assist in keeping bones healthy.

Women who are going through or have completed menopause are more at risk for osteoporosis. A recent study reported in Menopause – The Journal of the North American Menopause Society found that those at risk of osteoporosis are also at risk of periodontal disease. The word osteoporosis means porous bones. As aging occurs, the body loses minerals, especially calcium. The bones become weaker and are more susceptible to breaking. Although osteoporosis is usually associated with backs, hips and wrists, the jaw is also a bone affected by osteoporosis.

Bone anchors the teeth and there is a loss of bone density with aging. With osteoporosis, loss of bone density may affect the bone surrounding teeth causing them to become loose. Osteoporosis is only one factor in healthy jaws. Menopausal women, according to the study, showed abnormal dental plaque (a precursor to periodontal disease).

Periodontal disease is another factor in healthy jaws. The cause of periodontal disease stems from the plaque-producing bacteria, found among the almost 500 species of bacteria in the mouth. The body recognizes the bacteria in the mouth as a chronic infection. The body sends blood cells via capillaries to the infected area and cytokines are released which in turn causes the body to produce more blood cells to physically fight the infection. Chronic infection results in messages or cytokines being continuously sent out and blood cells being continuously produced. This is stress on your entire body, taxing your immune system and now an association has been found with cytokines and osteoporosis.

dentistThe premise of the study in Menopause magazine was that the cytokines stimulate osteoclasts which degrade bone. The cytokines in periodontal disease are degrading the bone. So if you can treat the periodontal disease, this will lower the cytokines and slow down osteoporosis.

In the presence of cytokines in the blood stream a red flag should go up for physicians that there is an infection somewhere in the body. It has been now known for some time that this marker is as important for heart disease as cholesterol. This new study highlights the importance of cytokines and how it affects bone density.

Treating osteoporosis with long-term bisphosphonate seems to protect against some of the bone loss in the body including the jaw. And getting professional dental cleaning four times a year may be a good combination for keeping jaws and teeth healthy, especially for postmenopausal women.

– Dr. Piero, a Holland, MI dentist for over thirty years, is the inventor of Dental Air Force®. Articles published are on periodontal health related to heart disease, respiratory health, diabetes, strokes, and other systemic diseases. He is the Executive Editor for Journal of Experimental Dental Science, a contributing author to Hospital Infection Control: Clinical Guidelines

Emergency Dentist – Your Dental Health Savior When Accidents Happen

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By Dana Smith

toothbrushpasteDental problems can be very painful. In fact, if they appear all of a sudden, then you have no choice other than rushing to your dentist. Sometimes a dental accident may occur at odd hours meaning that you won’t be able to make an appointment with your dentist. In other cases, a problem may be severe to the extent that you cannot withstand the long lines that are normally the order of the day in public dentist’s clinics. With many emergency dentists, you do not have to schedule an appointment. Here you just have to contact the dentist at any time of the day or night and get your procedures performed.

What an emergency dentist does?

An emergency dentist performs a wide range of dental care activities. He or she is responsible for fixing chipped or broken teeth that may occur as a result of an accident, toothaches that may start at odd hours due to cold weather or other conditions, swollen gums and bleeding gums. Unlike many general dentists, emergency dentists usually work in shifts. Since accidents and other dental problems can happen at any time, their shifts are usually divided in day and night shifts. Doing this ensures that you are attended to in a proper way no matter the time. These dentists double up as the next best alternative to your dentist since he or she might not be available at that particular time or he might be having a long queue at his/her premises.

Do not ignore a dental problem with the notion that you will visit your dentist when he or she shows up or is available. This is because a dental problem may end up as a serious problem when ignored; especially for those who have to ignore it throughout the weekend. In order to avoid a possible scenario where you will develop serious complications later, you need to search for contacts of any available emergency dentist in your area.

How to find the right emergency dentist?

toothSuch dentists are normally equipped with all the tools needed to handle any dental emergency. They are normally qualified having undergone the relevant educational background hence you have nothing to worry about. However, there are a few incidents where individuals have seen a boom in the emergency dentistry field hence they indulge in the job despite lacking the relevant credentials. In order to avoid falling victim to a fake emergency dentist, you need to get their contacts from friends and family earlier before. This would save you situations where you are in pain yet you have to dial up your friends looking for a dentist’s number only to be faced by negative results.

Before heading out to meet the emergency dentist, it is important to undertake certain remedies that provide a temporary relief. These are not permanent solutions but they are enough to suppress the pain before you are attended by a dentist. They will also help you in the sense that you will be able to have time to assess a dentist’s quality before you decide to undergo his/her services or move on to another.

– Dana Smith is a niche blogger, she is currently working for Alaska Center for Dentistry which provides premium dental services for family.

Tips To Improve Your Smile

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By Dr. Pat Crawford

smileOur body has a number of ways or expressions to communicate and smile is one such expression. When we smile, we flex our facial muscles to convey the message. In most of the cultures smiling is perceived as a positive emotion. Well, we do tend to smile at people because it is believed to increase attractiveness and likability. Some even believe it makes us look younger and attractive. It is worth mentioning that smiles do affect interpersonal cooperation as it is one of the trust building factors. Smiles have the power of setting messed up things in place.

Do people really need to improve the way they smile? Well, study has shown that many people are unhappy with their smile – some may have problems with their teeth (symmetry or color or space) while there are people who are shy of smiling. Many indivduals have missed their goals (personal or professional) owing to bad smile or shy of smiling, which affects their self-confidence.

Listed below are some of the tips to help improve your smile:

1. Maintain oral hygiene
Bad breath or something stuck in your teeth can make you hesitant to smile. Make sure you brush your teeth and tongue regularly. Brushing removes germs and a toothpaste rich in calcium and fluoride helps keep gums and teeth healthy meaning you can smile longer!

2. Flossing
Always keep floss with you as it is very handy in removing food particles hence the germs that feed on them. Floss can reach between your teeth where even a toothbrush is hard to reach. Dentist worldwide recommend that you should make it a regular habit to floss your teeth.

3. Choose healthy diet
Choosing a healthy diet for your teeth and gums is very important. Foods rich in calcium like kale and citrus fruits help in keeping your teeth and gums fit. However, avoiding certain foods like sugary foods is as good as eating a healthy diet. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin C boost health of your gums and teeth while foods too much of sugar content aid in the growth of bacteria thereby resulting in complications. Apart from this, it is also improtant that don’t smoke as smoking leads to bad breath, stained teeth and increases the chances of getting oral cancer.

4. Visiting a dentist
Dentists are the specialists in any case and they can track any deformity or any sign of infection, which may lead to any disease later on. Visiting a dentist every six months is preferred and in case someone is prone to any disease visiting thrice a year is recommended. Dentists can also guide you for your diet with respect to your teeth and gums.

5. Cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic dentistry has advanced remarkably, which has given people many options (effective and proven options) to fix their cosmetic dental problems. Today, people undergo this treatment to correct their crooked teeth , improve their stained teeth, some go for straightening oddly shaped teeth or even close gaps between the teeth.

6. Teeth whitening
Though, over the counter teeth whitening products do not harm your teeth as long as products used are genuine and your teeth are health otherwise but it is better to take advice of your dentist before going for any whitening procedures. This is an easy practice to improve the look of your teeth and hence give you a more attractive and confident smile without spending a lot of money.

These are some of the practical tips that can help you to improve your smile. For the number of benefits a smile has, the above mentioned smile improving tips are worth a shot.

– Pat Crawford is an experienced dentist who gives advice on mouth care, dental implants, and fitness. To get free consultation, visit his web site.