The Advantages Of Contact Lenses Over Glasses

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By Kashif Raza

eyeVision is quite important for everyone. Thus, decision related to vision is of great importance. Thanks to technology that now people, who have eyesight issues, can wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Contact lenses and glasses both are optical medical devices. However, contact lenses have some cosmetic and optical advantages over glasses. You will be amazed to know that only in United States of America, 35 million people stopped wearing glasses and preferred contact lenses because of their different benefits. Two of the major benefits of contact lenses are their ease to wear and cosmetic value. Moreover, contact lenses offer countless functional benefits to its users in various areas especially while playing sports, working in humid climate, and doing work where wearing glasses can be somehow inconvenient.

There are various other benefits, which are associated with contact lenses as compared to glasses. Some of them are as follows:

Natural and Better Vision

Contact lenses provide natural and better vision because the users wear contact lenses on the cornea of the eyes. This is the reason, which is why they can see the objects with correct size and at right position without any distortion. As compared to the contact lenses, the distance between the eyes and glasses may vary, as it is dependent on the style of glasses, bone of your nose, etc. Hence, it is possible that the objects may seem larger or smaller than their actually size just because of the varying distance between eyes and glasses.

No Affects of Weather

Have you noticed the fog on glasses when you walk in a cold weather? How uncomfortable that feeling could be? This you will know only when you will experience this fog on your glasses. However, when it comes to contact lenses, you will never experience such a situation, as they do not fog up even when you come in from the cold.

No easy Breakage

Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not break that easily. You just have to care about them in order to use them for long. But in case of glasses, you cannot say anything, as you never know the very next moment you just drop your glasses by mistake, which leads to a breakage.

No Bad Looks

Glasses may look huge and massive, which can ruin the entire looks. However, when it comes to contact lenses, people will rarely notice them especially if they are transparent. In case, you are wearing colored lenses, then they will enhance your eye beauty.

Despite of countless benefits of contact lenses over glasses, you will still find few people, who buy a pair of glasses instead of buying a pair of contact lenses. Do you know why? It is because they think that contact lenses are much more expensive than glasses, which is just a myth. There are various professional retailers in the market like Air Optix, which are offering quality contact lenses at very affordable price. Hence, if you are also planning to buy contact lenses for accurate vision then you must find any such retailer to make a purchase of quality yet affordable contact lenses from them.