Under Armour Giveaway Starts Today

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uahoodieFor the regular readers to this blog, you know that we are going to run a free giveaway for a brand new Under Armour sweatshirt (seen in picture to the right). You can read my original review by clicking here.

We have decided to run the giveaway starting today for one week. The item is exactly as shown in the image. You can pick the size needed. The manufacturer will send it directly to you. The giveaway ends on December 4, 2012. So, it will hopefully be in the winners hands before Christmas. There will be only one winner, announced on this site. The winner will be notified by email.

Here are the guidelines

1. You must write comment in the section below.

2. Although your email will only be seen by the site administrator, you must fill this in – if you win, this is the only way we will contact you.

3. In the comment section, write one thing you did that was healthy today.

4. There is NO cost to participate.

5. You must be 18 years of age or over to enter.

6. You can enter only one time.


– Giveaway ends December 10, 2012. The owners of this web site assume no responsibility for any issues that occur. The manufacturer has assured us they will send the winner the product.

The Your Health Journal web site and its team reserves the right to update this disclaimer at any time without notification.

This giveaway does not mean that the Your Health Journal web site and its team endorses the product.

Best of luck.

Webmaster note: This page was just relocated, but anyone who signed up in the comment section was quickly transferred over this new giveaway page with their registration for the hoodie sweatshirt.


  1. Hi Len, count me in.  Today, I actually walked to my office and got some exercise at the same time.  Hope I win!

  2. I walked half way across my campus, fast, b/c i was late 🙂 and I also lifted my small arm weights at home today.

  3. I have worked out every morning for many years.  Today, I went for a long walk with my Grandson in his carriage. 

  4. I decided that I needed to buy a couple PowerBall tickets for this record-breaking jackpot. Instead of taking the car, I decided to hoof it to the store. Also, while I was there, I did NOT buy the brownies that sounded so good.

  5. Training for a half marathon right now, could use this in the colder weather.  I also swim 3 days a week, and try to eat healthy.

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