Florida’s Youth Cigarette Smoking Rate Reaches An All-Time Low

A new article from PRWeb, what are your thoughts, please share in the comments section below…. New data shows substantial progress since Tobacco Free Florida launched in 2007. New data,…

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RadioMD Reveals That High Death Rate For Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Lack Of Effective Screening Methods

The tragedy of pancreatic cancer is that in 80 percent of cases, it is only diagnosed after it spreads to other parts of the body, which explains why it is…

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Rate Of Obesity In Israeli Children Increased Fivefold From 1950s To 1990s

The issue of obesity is prevalent not just in the United States but also around the world as well, and no country is exempt. The recent report on obesity among…

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Obesity Rate Swells In Alberta

From Your Health Journal…..”The Calgary Herald had a interesting article written by Eva Ferguson about the obesity rates growing in Alberta, Canada. Sedentary work, fast food and social media continue…

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Type 1 Diabetes Rate Among Young Children Grew 70 Percent Over 2 Decades

From Your Health Journal…..”So much as been in the news regarding the rise of obesity in children, and how so many children have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, formally…

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Sharp Rise In Obesity Surgery Rate

From Your Health Journal…..”Great article from TVNZ, which is an excellent resource from New Zealand, and I highly recommend your visiting their site (listed below). Today’s article review discusses the…

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