Recognizing The Stages Of Heat Illness

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Heat illness comes in different stages, with heat stroke being the most severe and dangerous of them all. A Baylor College of Medicine…

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6 Ways A Hug A Day Keeps Illness Away

By Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC New research suggests that prevention of infections and reducing stress-related illness might be as simple as a hug from a trusted person. The findings…

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Tips From A Mom On Living Life To The Fullest With A Chronic Illness

By Teri E As the summer approaches, it’s easy for busy moms to place their health needs second to work commitments and family activities. I recently learned that the average…

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U.S. Adults With Mental Illness Have Higher Smoking Rates

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting release from The Robert Wood Johnson about adults with mental illness having a higher smoking percentage rate that those with no mental illness. A…

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14 Signs Of Possible Mental Illness In Teens And How To Help

By Diane Lang As we settle into 2013, the aftermath of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary is still very unsettling for many of us who are asking how…

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