Video Games, Fruits And Vegetables

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine, please share your thoughts below….. In a study of 400 fourth and fifth grade children who were asked to create implementations (action or…

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How To Keep Kids Active In A World Of Video Games

By Sandra Goldstein It’s tough to match the appeal of today’s video games when it comes to keeping kids engaged. The action is fast paced, the challenges are thought provoking,…

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Duck, Duck, Goose: Tackle Childhood Obesity Early With Group Games

By Jacqueline Horsfall The preschool group was busily cleaning up blocks, paints, and plastic dinosaurs when I entered the classroom. A hand tugged at my sweater. “Who are you?” asked…

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Can Exercise Games Help Fight Child Obesity?

From Your Health Journal…..”A great article from the Chicago Tribune by Vicky Hallett via the The Washington Post entitled Can Exercise Games Help Fight Child Obesity? This is a hot…

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