RawFoodandYou.com Launches New Website

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girlappleRawFoodandYou.com, the premier online resource dedicated to helping people make the transition to a raw food detox diet, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new website featuring original content which teaches people how to reach their goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Substituting raw food for cooked food is beneficial to the body because raw food contains higher levels of vital nutrients that have not been chemically altered from the cooking process. Raw food also contains various enzymes, hormones, phytochemicals, bio-electrical energy and other beneficial elements not present in cooked food, and by ingesting raw food people can reduce the amount of pressure they put on their body and the amount of energy needed for processing and digestion.

People who choose to eat cooked food can still gain many of the benefits of a raw food diet by learning how to do a raw food cleanse, which will help their bodies purge many harmful toxins and rejuvenate their cells with new nutrients. http://www.RawFoodandYou.com features articles that describe the precise benefits of a raw food cleanse, and the site also offers numerous raw food detox recipes free of charge.

Others may choose to switch to a raw food diet in order to lose weight in a way that is healthy and does not place undue stress on the body. RawFoodandYou.com has published an entire raw food diet menu plan for weight loss complete with more than 40 unique recipes that cover everything from oatmeal and appetizers to smoothies and desserts. A typical raw food diet generally consists of fresh fruit, juice and oatmeal for breakfast; a smoothie, cucumber sandwich or cole slaw for lunch; soup or spaghetti for dinner; and fluids such as water, juices, nut milk and coconut water throughout the day.

The raw food diet benefits are many, including an increase in the amount of alkaline entering the body, which helps remove toxins and balance PH levels, as well as fewer calories and toxins entering the body. Anyone who is interested in learning more about raw food for weight loss or discovering quick and simple raw food diet recipes is encouraged to visit RawFoodandYou.com to learn more about the remarkable changes that accompany eating raw foods.

About RawFoodandYou.com:

A raw foods diet consists of unprocessed raw vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius). The raw food diet helps to cleanse the body gently, aiding in detoxification by removing toxins, harsh chemicals, and sludge. Science has proven that when humans cook food, all the necessary nutrients are destroyed, and the body is exposed to numerous diseases. RawFoodandYou.com is a website designed to help people make informed decisions about how to make a change in their diets that will help them feel better and live healthier, longer lives. For more information, please visit http://www.RawFoodandYou.com.

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