Get The Most Value From Your Personal Trainer

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trainingSubmitted by Eric Hayes….

Hiring a personal trainer can be the best investment you ever make, but it can also be a waste of money, especially if you hire a poor trainer or fail to stick to the plan(s) which your PT created for you.

If you’re willing to invest your hard-earned cash, you may as well get the best return on your investment? or spend your money elsewhere.

If you want to get to most value from your PT, then we have five tips to help you:

#1 Pick The Right Trainer

First of all, do your research. There are 13,770 registered personal trainers in the UK but many more who aren’t qualified, or who are not very experienced and can do more harm than good.

Becoming a qualified personal trainer is relatively easy, and most PT courses can be completed over two months. Pretty much anybody can become a fitness trainer, and it’s not a very well regulated profession.

To become a doctor or surgeon, you have to go through years of studying and get thousands of hours of hands-on experience. While trainers don’t have to operate on clients, they still have a huge responsibility, and therefore it’s essential to do your research before spending money.

To find a good coach, look at reviews on Google and testimonials on the trainer’s website. Look at their social media. Also, make sure you meet your coach in person to judge for yourself whether you like them and believe they can help.

#2 Do What Your Trainer Says

Many people hire a personal trainer and think that they are guaranteed to get results just because they’ve hired a coach. Nothing could be further from the truth. While your trainer can guide you, provide a road map, and accelerate your progress, it’s you who needs to do the work.

James Hall, who trains personal trainers at LEP Fitness, says, “the success of a client’s results is dependent on both coach and client. It’s a team game where both people have to pull their weight. One without the other doesn’t work.” If you combine a high-quality personal trainer with your 100% commitment to follow the training and meal plans, results are going to happen.

#3 Ask Questions 

There’s a famous saying, “the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.” Smart people ask questions all of the time and want to keep learning to stay ahead and on top of their game.

Alongside following what your coach tells you, make sure to learn about why you are doing what you are doing, ask questions such as:

  • Why am I doing this exercise?
  • What muscle group(s) does this target?
  • Are there any extra supplements I can take?
  • How can I speed up my recovery in between workouts?
  • Do you have any sleep hacks?
  • How many calories should I be eating each day?
  • Should I be doing 10,000 steps per day?
  • What extra things can I do outside of PT to get faster results?

The above are just some ideas, but make sure to be interested in what you are doing. Not only will you learn lots and enjoy the process, but you will develop a deeper bond with your coach. Personal trainers love to be asked questions and are happy to talk about the gym, diet, and exercise all day long.

#4  Train Like A Warrior 

groupjogIf you want excellent results, for example, to lose 40lbs or bench press 100kg for ten reps, then you’ve got to put in the work. Every session you turn up to do a workout, make sure your mind is ready. Switch off from work, and if necessary, get to the gym 5 minutes before your PT session, so you can take a pre workout drink, blast out some powerful music from your headphones and get ready to battle.

#5 Be Consistent 

Mark Coles from M10 Fitness helps personal trainers worldwide grow a successful personal training business, and one of the lessons he teaches his coaches and clients is that you’ve got to work hard and be consistent for months, often years on end. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Doing ten personal training sessions isn’t going to do much, but doing 40-50 PT sessions will. It’s important to remember that results take time and to be in it for the long game. Hiring a coach for 1-2 months will really help, but the reality is that for most, you will be looking at a minimum of 3 months commitment, and in some cases 1-2 years, especially if you have lots of weight to lose. Be consistent with your PT sessions, your workouts outside of PT, and following your meal plan.