How In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty Can Treat Chronic Sinusitis Patients

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newsCalifornia board certified ENT surgeon and Director at the Orange County Nose & Sinus Center, Dr. Kevin Sadati, talks about how in-office Balloon Sinuplasty is giving long term relief to patients suffering from Chronic Sinusitis, even if they have a slight deviated septum.

A person’s nasal septum is made from the combination of bone and cartilage. It separates the left and right airways of the nose and divides the nostrils. Someone’s nasal septum can be deviated at birth or occur after a injury or trauma to the nose. People with a deviated septum can experience nosebleeds, facial pain, headache, congestion, loud breathing or mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea to name a few symptoms. The degree of a deviated septum can range from mild, moderate or severe.

Patients with some degree of a deviated septum can also suffer from chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis is when a patient’s sinuses are inflamed or swollen causing them to suffer with facial congestion and pressure. Additionally the patient’s sinuses become filled with fluid which is unlike someone with healthy nasal airways that are filled with air. Sinusitis creates a situation that often leads to infection since it is the ideal environment for bacteria, viruses and fungi to grow.

“My patients diagnosed with Sinusitis often complain of headaches, drainage, bad breath, fatigue and even dental pain. When these symptoms last 8 weeks or longer it becomes become Chronic Sinusitis, which can seriously infringe on the daily activities of my patients,” explains Dr. Kevin Sadati.

Luckily for Dr. Kevin Sadati’s patients there is now a solution, and a non-invasive one at that. In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty is showing a high rate of success among patients with a slight septum deviation for the correction of Chronic Sinusitis. This is a great procedure for Orange County residents that do not have time for the standard Septoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery done as an out-patient procedure in a hospital or surgery center setting.

Balloon Sinuplasty is not a new surgery. In fact, Dr. Kevin Sadati has been offering Balloon Sinuplasty in the hospital. However, only over the past few years has it grown to be a very popular in-office treatment. Dr. Kevin Sadati performs Balloon Sinuplasty in his Newport Beach office by inserting a small balloon catheter into the patient’s nose. He then inflates this tiny balloon to expand the sinuses and reopen sinus pathways, resorting drainage and delivering long lasting relief. Patient’s return to normal activity within 48 hours and report the procedure to be a simply one.

“I have found that in-office Balloon Sinuplasty is a desirable option for most all of my sinusitis patients. It comes as a relief to know that even patients with a mild to moderate deviated septum can receive the full benefits of this procedure,” explains Dr. Kevin Sadati.

For patients with severe deviation Balloon Sinuplasty can still be performed as an out-patient procedure in combination with Septoplasty. For patients in situation this is still a great surgery and delivers long lasting results that can free people from the constant pain of Chronic Sinusitis.

For additional information, or to find out if you are a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Orange County office today. His friendly staff will set you up with a consultation.

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