Homeowners Must Act Now To Prevent Severe Ant Invasions

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newsSpring is finally here and in order to prevent severe ant infestations later on, DoMyOwnPestControl.com is advising homeowners to act now with these basic preventative ant control tips.

Spring temperatures cause ants to come out of their winter hiding places in droves searching for food, water, and shelter, all things your home provides. Prevention is key in preventing ants as soon as warm weather hits: reducing access to shelter, food, and water as well as creating a protective barrier will help make your home an ant-free zone all season long and will help you avoid the many annoyances and potential damage ants can cause.

1. Creating a “dry zone” near the foundation and exterior walls of your home by making sure there are no leaky faucets, puddles, leaking gutters, or wet mulch close to your home. Less available water means fewer ants will be interested in your home as a potential target.

2. Removing possible shelter areas is dependent on keeping your lawn and landscaping neat and trim by keeping your yard free of piles of debris like grass, leaves, brush, and wood piles. Keeping grass short and landscape plants trimmed also reduces possible shelter zones.

3. Finally, creating a barrier with a powerful ant insecticide will ensure your home is fully protected from an ant invasion. Products that contain fipronil as the active ingredient, such as Termidor or Fuse, are great options for homeowners.

Jill Pierce, a pest control expert at DoMyOwnPestControl.com, a do-it-yourself pest control supplier, offers some recommendations on how to use these products. “You can spray them around your foundation and on the ground two feet out from your home. Also apply them around doorframes, window frames, vents and other areas where ants are known to enter or harbor on the structure. Ants will not be able to sense the products and will readily walk through treated areas,” says Pierce.

Putting these three points into action as soon as the temperatures heat up will protect your home and help prevent ant invasion, and help to make your home ant-free all spring and summer long.

– Courtesy of PRWeb