Healthy Snacks You Can Keep At Your Desk

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By Sarah Smith

collegekidsIf you work in an office, you probably have that moment where you walk to the vending machine and grab some chips or cookies. While this is a nice short-term boost of energy, you should consider your other eating options. In fact, if you eat healthy snacks at your desk, you will feel better and spend less money. With that being said, here are five healthy snacks you can keep at your desk.

Bhuja: If you want a quick snack in the middle of the day that is fun, interesting and nutritious, consider Bhuja snacks. This pick-me-up is truly enjoyable as you can savor the spices and aromas, all while at your desk. So, remember, if you want a little more from your daily snack at your desk, consider Bhuja. We love Majan’s.

Peanuts: If you want a protein-filled snack in the middle of the day, don’t turn to meat. While this is a good thing to eat at a meal, you will want something a little simpler during your snack break. With peanuts, you can enjoy a healthy protein, all while eating something you can down while at work. In the end, this is a healthy and time-saving food, and you should consider buying a can of peanuts and placing it at your desk.

Apple: Without a doubt, if you want to enjoy a quick, delicious and healthy snack, yo should consider an apple. Not only is it delicious, but you won’t break the bank when you snag an apple or two at the grocery store as you can buy a few for a dollar.

Banana: If you are active and want to enjoy a lot of potassium, consider buying a few bananas when you start your work week. When eating a banana in the late morning or early afternoon, you can enjoy a boost of potassium, which will give you energy and help you recover. This is great if you have a long day at the office and want to focus on the task at hand.

Dark chocolate bar: When looking for a tasty treat, consider dark chocolate. While this has sugar and other things that are not healthy, you will enjoy other benefits. Not only that, if you want to actually enjoy what you are eating, you will not struggle to do so with dark chocolate. Remember, when buying this, spend a few extra dollars, and you won’t regret it as it’s delicious.

Lean beef jerky: While many save meat for their meals, if at all, others like to sample on beef jerky. With a lean meat, not only will you enjoy protein, but you will not worry about the bad things of meat such as fat and sodium. Since it’s not expensive, this is another great thing to enjoy if you want energy throughout the day.

If you want to enjoy a healthy snack at your desk, you can do so if you follow this advice. Remember, you don’t have to overspend as you can find what you want with ease.