Gulfside Dental Reminds Parents To Monitor Their Children’s Brushing Habits During The Summer

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brushteethGulfside Dental reminds parents that children should maintain routine brushing habits during the summer, which is a time when dental offices see a spike in tooth decay. The Beaumont office reminds parents that encouraging youth to take proactive measures can fight against cavities and other dental complications for a healthy smile

Summer marks a time when children are vacationing, lounging on the couch in front of the television with sweets, and spending the night over friends’ houses. As the lazy season continues, Gulfside Dental reminds parents to monitor their children’s teeth brushing habits for optimal dental health.

According to Dr. Ashley DeMarco, MD, of Gulfside Dental, summer is a prime time for children to fall out of a general regimented routine, especially as they frequently snack and sip on sugary colas and drinks throughout the day. As a result, Dr. DeMarco notes an increase in tooth decay and complications from lack of brushing.

To help prevent dental problems, here are Dr. DeMarco’s tips and how-to recommendations for parents monitoring the brushing habits of their children:

– Children should brush their teeth two times daily, in the morning and night, for two minutes each time.

– Children with braces should brush their teeth three times daily, five minutes each time.

– All children should brush their teeth with up and down motions, as well as side to side motions, to ensure all quadrants are cleaned.

– Incorporate a method to help the time pass, as well as for children to be able to monitor the ongoing length of their brushing time. Consider playing a timed song, using an hourglass, or other fun methods that encourage healthy habits.

“There has been evidence that most children’s cavities form during the summer months. This could possibly be the result of changes in kid’s normal routines that effect brushing habits. Also, school-age children have set eating patterns while in school and are more likely to snack throughout the day during the summer.” said Dr. DeMarco.

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