Guest Post – Dr. S. K. Thomas, The Two Sides Of Fun

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runnerAs a boy I loved to run. In the 1950’s I was fortunate to have lived in West Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles, from before kindergarten to my 3rd grade year. At my grammar school there was a huge open playground of green grass. At recesses, lunch hours to after school, there were plenty of games to play that involved running. I even had dreams of running as a boy. One of my most vivid dreams I still remember today, in it I was running with wild horses. I remember dreams I was a Native American living in a village. In one particular dream, I raced on foot horses with riders, winning the contest in a village event with all the tribe’s people watching the race. Riding my bike was also similar to my running experiences because I liked to go fast. Riding my bike fast was so I could feel the wind on my face. At 63 years of age today, I still love to feel the wind on my face. Whether it is running on soft sand at the beach to surfing overhead waves in Santa Cruz. Or, it’s skiing and boarding the steeps at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe to sailing small boards with small sails in the San Francisco bay. Or, it may be climbing Mount Tam with a mountain bike on a hot October day feeling an ocean breeze cooling my sweating skin. Life is all about enjoying our physical activities with others in the natural environments when you are not working.

skiingI learned how to surf at the age of thirteen and I played basketball and baseball in high school. I was in the 11th grade on a junior/senior school outing to the snow covered mountains of Big Bear, California when I first experienced snow. On that trip I fell in love with skiing. The school bus in the morning stopped at a ski resort for a bathroom break. I saw someone come down a slope and stop right in front of me, spraying the snow around. I said, I want to do that! The next year as a senior on the snow trip, I arranged for some of the students to be dropped off at a ski resort and take a ski lesson. It wasn’t much of a ski lesson; the priest I arrange the lesson with pointed us to the rope tow and then he took off like a bat out of hell. He was an expert skier. So my first experience skiing was a bumpy one. I was very sore the next day but what an exhilarating experience. I was so very excited about the sport. One day a close friend mentioned to me his older sister, who I didn’t know, was going to Big Bear the following weekend. So I called her up and asked her for a ride. I didn’t have a car at the time. I went to the mountains with four beautiful girls, two that were a year older and one that was in my class who I knew a little. The other girl was my classmate’s beautiful cousin who lived far away. What a day that was laughing. They dropped me off at a ski resort. I had so much fun skiing. Then they picked me up in the afternoon but before we headed home, we all had a big snow fight. I even later dated my classmate’s cousin.

fruitAs a boy and as a teenager, I always had a lot of energy. It might be because I loved raw fruits and vegetables as a kid. I remember only a few times when my family was ever together. Some of those times were going out to eat to an expensive restaurant when I was young. My father, who was obese, would ask me at the end of the meal if I liked the food. I would say yes, only if I liked the salad that was served. For me the salad was the best part of these meals at these fancy restaurants. I remember one time my father saying to my mother as we were leaving, because I liked the salad, we will come back to this restaurant. Today I realize food has a lot to do with having energy but when I was a child and a teenager, all I knew was what I liked. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables of all kinds because my father was in the wholesale produce business. All year around while he was still married to my mother, he would bring home boxes of seasonal cherries, peaches, apricots, strawberries and all kinds of different melons. He would bring home boxes of fresh corn, English peas and so many different seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. But that was going to change.

booksI was not a very good student, probably because I didn’t know how to work at it. That didn’t mean I was not intelligent, I just didn’t have any plans to go to college. I had a part time job after school and after graduation, I wanted to get a full time job. I was seventeen when I finished high school. A friend, an older male father figure type of a friend, help me get a job at a floor manufacturing factory by saying I was eighteen. I enjoyed the physical labor working there but it wasn’t long before my mother wanted me to pay rent. She wanted $200 a month. I shopped around and for $90 I rented a one bedroom in a large apartment complex, which had a pool and a lot of young women living there. This was 1967; the “Summer of Love” was a great year for me. But things changed fairly quickly. I remember complaining about my energy to a friend. I remember making the same complaint to my family dentist, who I had been seeing since I was a child. At eighteen and in for a dental visit, he says to me. I understand you moved out of your mother’s apartment. He understood, but when I complained about my low energy levels and told him a friend said, “that’s what happens to you when you get old.” I am eighteen, I said, I am not old. Because of my complaint he gave me a book, a book he used in dental school. It was about Nature and its title was “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Westin Price DDS. He said this was an important book about health and about energy.

Prior to this dental appointment I remember reading an article about constipation in a Psychology Today magazine. The article commented on the difference between grunting and groaning while defecating, versus an easy free flowing elimination movement. So I had a number of things on my mind while reading this health book. The theme and conclusion of Dr. Price’s book was this, everywhere on the planet Nature gives all the plants and animals everything they need to be healthy. The problems with the human animal and disease he stated was because of what he called the “Foods of Commerce.” Foods like white flour, white rice and white sugar, which have had all the nutrients removed. So I went back to the ways of eating as a child. I started to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables again. Living on my own and hanging out with my friends was not about eating well. It was about eating the cheapest foods possible because surviving was expensive in this modern world. It was only a matter of days, a couple of weeks, and I noticed I was not grunting and groaning anymore in the bathroom. The best part, of course, was my energy levels were back and having energy is the best part of one’s life.

As I read more on how the body works from all the health books I was buying, it was very easy for me to understand that energy was fuel.

As I read more on how the body works from all the health books I was buying, it was very easy for me to understand that energy was fuel. My first car at the time was a Volkswagen and I was learning how to maintain this little car’s combustion engine. For me the body was also a simple little vehicle that also had a combustion-burning engine. The car needs a lot of things to make it run smoothly. It needs oil, break fluid, transmission fluid, a charged battery and many other things. But realize, without gas the car is not going anywhere. The body is much the same, it needs proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, water and many other things, but without energy it is just not going to function properly or go anywhere with joy and happiness. Energy is what runs the body. Today we are confused about what is energy. We live in a time where there are many choices of what to eat. Many are not choices that Nature is offering us. All of Nature’s animals still live and eat the way they have always eaten throughout evolutionary time. We human animals choose to be different, which some say is our big problem, especially with disease. Animals in the wild don’t cook their foods. Would anyone burn their gasoline before pumping it into their car’s tank? If you did you will destroy the energy in the gasoline and the car won’t run without its designed energy. It is the same with Nature’s foods and its energy, which our bodies are designed to run on. Energy is a genetic and evolutionary fact for a living being and it can not be said any simpler.

Since the late 1960’s my energy was regained. I regained it by going back to the ways I was eating as a child, to eat lots of uncooked fruits and vegetables. I learned from Dr. Price’s book, which documented what he learned from studying the primitive peoples in the 1930’s to include seaweed. I eat a lot of variety of seaweed for the minerals. Minerals are catalysts and catalysts make metabolic reactions go fast. If you are deficient in any nutrient, especially a trace mineral, it could cause problems with your energy levels and with the healing functions of the body. Today many of my friends from when I was growing up are dead and others are having operations and are using walkers. They are only in there 60’s. I don’t blame them for not listening to me after I discovered the truth about energy and nutrition back in the late 1960’s. I must have been a little like a preacher sharing the good tidings on deaf ears. Trust me when I say it now, having energy is so much fun and not having energy, well I am sad to say is not fun. A seventy-year-old male elephant on the plains in wild Africa does not have any problems with energy as long as there is food for him. He still does what he is expected to do until it is time to pass. All his life he had energy and because of that energy, he has no problems keep it up with the younger generations.

In 1969 while serving time in the US Army and stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, I bought a 1949 black four door Chevy. My friends called it the “Black Torpedo.” It was a twenty-year-old car I bought for $100 with bench seats in front and back so a girl could sit very close to you while driving and other things. It ran very good, a three speed on the column and was a lot of fun to have. It ran on gasoline and if I had that car today, it would still run on gasoline for energy. Energy in the gasoline is needed to combust in the car’s engine, igniting to push the pistons around to turn the wheels to go forward. The human animal runs like a machine too, but science calls it by a different name. A human being is an organism. We humans have an evolutionary genetic and environmental past that goes back millions of years in time. But nothing has changed much as far as energy requirements go. All animal organisms need fuel for energy to live and that won’t change. Are you getting enough energy for yourself? Try adding some high-octane foods from Nature’s energy stations and remember quality counts. Just say to yourself, filler up! Nature has been around a long time servicing animals with her foods, sharing it with a big smile. It is worth it to have a lot of energy because life with energy will again become fun. The two sides of fun, one side has plenty of energy and the other side has not enough. Remember you can change because having no energy is just not fun.

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