Feng Shui-ing Your Life into Balance

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

womanThe Huffington Post calls it “Generation Stress.” According to a study commissioned by the American Psychological Association, Stress in America, Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) are the most stressed demographic in our history. Nearly 40 percent of Millennials said their stress had increased just last year.

Whether or not you are a Millennial, if you are living with stress, Feng Shui can help bring balance to your life and help prevent long term health consequences.

Here’s how it can work for you. The Chinese principles in Feng Shui break your life into nine categories, called Guas. If you honestly examine all nine areas of your life you will begin to see where the imbalance is occurring and you can make the adjustments to improve and heal it.

Look at the traditional Feng Shui terms and Gua categories. Then, look at the renewed Feng Shui categories that I have updated to make them apply more easily to your life.

Traditional Feng Shui

Knowledge and Self Cultivation

Health and Family

Wealth and Prosperity


Love, Marriage and Partnerships

Creativity and Children

Helpful People and Travel



Renewed Feng Shui

Me, Myself and I

Tribe & Well being





Social Networking



womanarmupKnowledge and Self-cultivation changed to become the Me, Myself and I Gua in which we value the positive aspects of perfecting, preparing, educating and exploring the self. When this Gua is out of balance we experience narcissism and preoccupation with the self.

Health & Family Gua changed to become Tribe and Well-Being which promotes the qualities of family, biological or chosen, human bonding, care giving, emotional support and community. When this Gua is out of balance we experience entitlement, dependence, smothering, abuse and disease.

Wealth & Prosperity changed to become Enrichment, speaking to the highest qualities of prospering ourselves and those around us by using the gifts we were given. Enrichment begets generosity. When this Gua is out of balance we experience selfishness, hording, greed and stagnation.

The Fame Gua changed to become Acknowledgement which is receiving praise to measure our effectiveness in society. It is about how we give and receive acknowledgement for effort and talent which creates a circle of positive exchange. When this Gua is out of balance we experience conceit, pride, arrogance, self-importance and exclusion.

Love & Marriage changed to become Relationships, which includes unions, marriages, partnerships and bonds of love between people. When this Gua is out of balance we experience emotional shackles, unhappy alliances, forced pairings and abusive physical or emotional associations.

familyfunCreativity & Children changed to become Creations and represents what we produce, invent, co-create and design. This can represent physical children, creative offspring, projects, products, and our creative genius. When this Gua is out of balance we experience destruction, rigid thinking, narrow mindedness, and emptiness.

Helpful People & Travel changed to become Social Networking which sparks the highest value of exchange between people. This Gua favors mutual support, positive discussion and puts personal gain behind social awareness. When this Gua is out of balance we experience personal exploitation, betrayal of trust, misuse of information and slander.

Career changed to become Employment and creates a Gua that focuses not only on jobs, but also on callings. For many, employment is also a calling. For others, job and vocation are separate. This Gua reminds us to utilize our talents to earn a paycheck and also to find ways to exercise our unique gifts. When this Gua is out of balance we experience enslavement, persecution, exploitation and suppression.

The Center Gua changed to become Core because it affects, and is affected by, every other Gua. It is neutral. The Core encourages order in the other Guas and can rebalance them. Conversely, this Gua can be upset by the other Guas when they are out of harmony. The positive aspects are: balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability. When this Gua is out of balance we experience chaos, disorder, confusion, anarchy and bedlam.

Using the above list and chart, rate the Guas in order of what is most important to you. Next, make a second list of what categories are consuming most of your mental, physical and emotional time. Where are your lists in synch and where are they off track? What do you need to do to bring them into the balance you want?

friendsPrepare to engage in Strategic Renewal, a process by which you begin to eliminate, consolidate, extricate and eradicate those things in your life that do not serve your top nine priorities. This is the right track for solutions. It’s easy math; just add and subtract and you’ll end up with a balanced equation for your renewed and harmonious life.

Dr. Kac Young is teaching a “first time ever” 6 week course in The Art and Science of Feng Shui beginning May 6th and running through June 11 every Tuesday night at the SLO Adult School. Contact http://ae.slcusd.org/ or call 805-549-1222 for more information.

Kac Young , a former television director and producer, has earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy and is a Master Feng Shui Teacher. She is the author 10 books. “Feng Shui the Easy Way,”“Heart Easy, The Food Lover’s Guide to Heart Healthy Eating,” “Discover Your Spiritual Genius,” “Dancing with the Moon,” “21 Days to the Love of Your Life,” “Gold Mind,” “Cheese Dome Power,” The Path to Fabulous,” “The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies” and “Supreme Healing.”