The Role Model In You – Evelyn Huynh

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Today’s Guest – Evelyn Huynh

A role model is someone others respect and look to as a good example. They try to make good decisions, put others first and often imitated by those around them.  They “think before they act….not act before they think.”  They are the people we want our children to be around, whether it is a teacher, coach or family member.  Your Health Journal wanted to highlight some special individuals who are good role models and allow them to share their stories here.  Enjoy!

1. Your name, title, and age? What do you do (or did you do) for a living?

My name is Evelyn Huynh, I am 24 years old and I am the CEO of EH Fitness. I was a personal trainer who turned online fitness coach. Currently I am a life and business coach and I focus on using my EVOLVE™ method to empower leaders in the fitness, health, wellness and photography industry to make more money and have more time, by prioritizing their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

2. Who was the person that inspired you as a child to eat healthy and stay fit? What was their relationship to you?

I am a 1st generation Asian-Canadian and my parents actually immigrated to North America after the Vietnam War with little to nothing. As a result, I grew up eating whatever my mom put in front of me. Which, normally was whatever we could afford or whatever was on sale: Instant noodles, frozen meals, frozen pizzas etc.,

I can’t really say that there was anyone in my childhood that really inspired me to eat healthy and stay fit. I think my elders tried, like teachers and families…but they never did it in a way that actually inspired me, it always felt like it was more of a chore than anything.

3. What did they do to inspire you?

As I mentioned above, there wasn’t really anyone who inspired me as a child to eat healthy and stay fit, which is why I struggled so much with my body image and bullying growing up.

However, as I grew up and realized that the education system does so little to equip our children with tools and proper knowledge on health and fitness, this is when I realized that we need BETTER health and fitness education so our children can be inspired to take control of their fitness and health from a very young age.

4. How did their lesson change your life?

This lesson has changed my life because it encouraged me to take it upon myself to get certified to become a professional in the fitness and health industry so I can share knowledge in the online space with those who don’t have access to it in their regular education system.

5. Do you convey their message to kids in your life presently?

Yes! I do this through my social media platforms and on YouTube!

6. What would be your main message to children today to lead healthy lifestyles?

My main message to children today to lead healthy lifestyles is to be healthier, stronger, and more active than they were yesterday. To never stop learning and educating themselves because that’s the most important thing. Knowledge is power, and the more they know about health and fitness, the better decisions they can make for themselves, their health and overall well-being.

7. Do you have a website you would like to promote….web address only?