Can Pinhole Glasses Improve Your Vision Naturally?

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By Frank Foley

eyePrescription lenses use magnified glass to correct any refractory eye issues, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. These issues occur when light doesn’t get interpreted by your eyes in the proper way. For instance, the light may be hitting your eye in front of the retina, instead of inside the retina. Pinhole glasses offer a more natural way to improve vision. Instead of having to look through glass, these glasses give you the opportunity to change your eye sight by looking through small holes. Here are some more details on pinhole technology.

What are Pinhole Glasses?

Pinhole glasses are typically plastic, with small perforations that are lined up in several rows across the two front lenses. These perforations look like tiny dots, and the light that passes through each individual dot can only come towards your eyes at a particular angle. This makes pinhole glasses a natural alternative to traditional glasses, because the light is affected by the shape of the holes, not an artificial material like glass. These glasses are good for people who are sitting or standing still, and can be worn by people of most ages. In fact, the earliest traces of pinhole glasses date back hundreds of years.


Pinhole glasses are significantly less expensive than regular eye glasses. While you will need to invest in a prescription set of frames for driving and long term use, if you only need glasses for viewing television or reading pinhole technology is a much cheaper solution. Since one set of glasses can be used for viewing objects both near and far, you won’t have to invest in bi-focals or tri-focals if you are using pinhole glasses. You don’t need to be individually fitted for pinhole glasses, which also saves you on eyewear costs.


One of the main advantage to using pinhole glasses is that they make objects appear far more clear than they do when you aren’t wearing glasses. If you are used to seeing blurry images on a television screen or in your textbooks, they will appear much more true to life through the view of pinhole glasses. Since the brightness of objects is also improved by pinhole technology, the images you view are also more likely to appear less dim or faded by shadows. These benefits can make any number of activities more enjoyable.

Pinhole glasses are becoming more popular, thanks to their financial benefit and the fact that they don’t require an individual fitting. For people with vision problems that include nearsightedness and astigmatism, pinhole technology can offer great relief for stationary activities. You may be able to read the daily newspaper again, or enjoy a movie in the theater for the first time in years. Look out for the honeycomb effect, in which you can see each individual perforation on the lenses. This may be a sign that your vision issues are too severe to use pinhole technology, though sometimes the honeycomb effect can be reduced over time when your eyes get used to the glasses.

– Frank Foley is a naturopath. He loves to share his findings for natural alternatives to medicine on health and fitness blogs. Visit for more information about these glasses.