Author Interview – Tymeka Coney

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An interview with Author, Tymeka Coney ….

Why did you get into writing books?

I got into writing because it is an innate ability. I started writing as a youth just out of the mere love and passion I have for writing and it is a natural way of expression for me. I started writing poetry very early in life and I decided to compile all the poetry I had written over the years into a book and share these words to inspire others universally and this became my first book, “Words Unspoken: Volume I – Deeper Than Eyes Can See,” and after becoming an author it was only natural to continue on the journey as an author to create works to inspire others universally so I began to use my writing to talk about world events and inspire children and adults, so I expanded my poetry into two children’s books…”I Don’t Like Racism,” & “I Don’t Like COVID-19” which has now become a part of a “I Don’t Like Series,” for children and provides a platform to educate and empower others about relevant topics in our society and our world today.

What advice can you give young authors?

The advice I can give young authors is to write what flows naturally and about subjects that you are passionate about because this will motivate you to keep writing and complete your story. I would say just focus on the story you want to tell and and not too much on the formatting and once you have a complete beginning, middle and end, then you can enlist others to align with your vision to help you with the finishing product.

What is your book about and what inspired you to write it?

My book is about COVID-19 and it is told through the experience/eyes of a young African-American girl’s journey, named DaNyla, as she experiences COVID-19 at school and at home and the lessons she has learned to practice safety as it relates to COVID-19 and to remind others of all ages how important it is to wear a mask, wash your hands and continue to practice social distancing and take preventative methods to stop the spread of COVID-19 from plaguing our friends and families.

Any other information you want to mention that fits the theme of the article?

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Please continue to spread the word about the book and share with children and adults you know all around the world as COVID-19 affects us all and this book was written to inspire all ages all across the world and it is available internationally.

Link where your book can be purchased.

It’s available on Amazon through this link – Click here