Author Interview – Samuel E. Sanchez

Little Johnny Goes to Fair Cover
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Little Johnny Goes to Fair CoverAn interview with Author, Samuel E. Sanchez ….

What is your name?

Samuel E. Sanchez

What is the name of your book?

Little Johnny Goes to the Fair

Why did you get into writing books?

I have seen that the global media has become very lopsided and biased in its presentation of entertainment ideals.  Today our children are bombarded with the notions of Wizards, Witchcraft, Spiritualism, and Mysticism.  I hope to rekindle the old constant truths of the Biblical Teaching, while entertaining the world’s families.

What advice can you give young authors?

Write about the things you know, research to perfect your understanding, and believe in the things you share.

What is your book about and what inspired you to write about it?

Sanchez Family Publishing holds itself out as a Children’s Christian Book and Comics producer, and this book holds to our prime goal, sharing the truth of our Savior to the world.  Little Johnny Goes to the Fair is the first episode in our series, the Adventures of Little Johnny.  While Little Johnny, and his family take the opportunity to visit the Maricopa Fair.  While at the fair, they meet Mr. Farnsworth, the fair’s owner, and Mr. Ybanez, the fair’s director.  While being escorted, Mr. Ybanez shares with the family, story of the Good Samaritan.  It was this story, as given to the world by Jesus Christ, was the inspiration for creating this work.

Link(s) where book can be purchased:

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Our sequel, episode two, will be released on May 15, 2021.

Title – Little Johnny Goes to Montezuma’s Castle