Association Between Chronic Pain And Obesity

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obesityThe literature suggests that obesity and pain are significant co-morbidities, adversely impacting each other. The nature of the relationship however is not likely to be direct, and many interacting factors appear to contribute.

The Journal of Pain Research has published the review “The Association between Chronic Pain and Obesity”.

As corresponding author Professor Akiko Okifuji says “Both obesity and chronic pain are serious public health concerns in our society. They also co-occur often, although it is not to say that one causes the other. Rather, there appear to be multiple factors that contribute to each of these conditions. It is clear though that when they do co-occur, the adverse impact of the problems is much worse than each of them alone. Treating each of these conditions can be challenging; obesity further complicates the treatment of chronic pain and vice versa.”

Professor Okifuji continues “Our paper highlights the significance of the relationship and need for further research. Further clinical research evaluating the nature of the relationship is urgently needed in order for us to develop innovative and optimal therapies to address the comorbidity of pain and obesity.”

As Dr. Michael Schatman, Editor-in-Chief, explains “This paper represents an important contribution to the literature, given the increasing rates of obesity as well as the stigmatization of obese pain sufferers.”

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