Artist Interview – Dmytro Panchenko

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An interview with Artist, Dmytro Panchenko ….

dm1. What is your name?

Hello, my name is Dmytro Panchenko, and I’m a Ukrainian artist currently living in Poland.

2. What kind of artwork do you do?

I create paintings and digital artwork. When I was a beginner, I started to paint impressionist art, and the whole time, I tried to find something new.

For now, I have an idea on how to connect some religious topics from Renaissance paintings and 20th century abstractionists.

3. Why did you get into art?

Since I was a child, I was interested in art, and whole my life, I learned the history of art. My opinion is that it’s absolutely amazing how art was changing in people’s lives from the ancient world to contemporary life and how the artists found their own ideas and style from Caravaggio to Malevich and Jackson Pollock.

At one moment, I just bought oil paint, canvas, and brushes and started to paint one impressionistic Van Goghs painting. I really loved the result.

Art has been a part of my life for several years now.

4. What advice can you give young artists?

My main advice for young artists is never give up and just do what you want to do.

Today is the best time in human history where we can find our audience to show or sell our art.

5. What are your favorite pieces of art and why? Please state 1 piece that is your work and one that is not your work.

It’s really hard to select one favorite piece of art. If we are talking about my artwork, I like my latest paintings most of all, which I made with some philosophy.

Regarding a piece of art from a famous artist, I like a lot of paintings from different time periods, but my favorite is 20th-century artwork from Malevich, Picasso, and Jackson Pollock. I think most of all, I like Picasso’s “blue period.”

6. Do you have a link you want to promote?

Welcome to my website where you can find my artwork and prints.

7. Any other information you want to mention that fits the theme of the article

In 2020, I had two personal exhibitions, one in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in Gallery Globus, and the second in the Polish city Bydgoszcz’s “Pracownia” Gallery. During the COVID pandemic, I also participated in exhibitions in Museums of Kyiv history and in Artists’ House.

In 2021 I participated in the art exhibition in “Able Gallery” Tallahassee USA.
Some of my artworks are in the permanent exposition in Globus Gallery in Kyiv.
For the last two years, I have been learning about the Roman Empire and its art. I hope in the future it will inspire me to create a masterpiece.