7 Ways Parents Can Relax

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familywalk2Personalized Kids Books by KD Novelties always advises parents to take time every day and read with their kids at least 15 minutes a day, however, being able to relax without the kids helps in more ways than one. “Not only does it give parents some time to take care of themselves and their own needs, it also helps kids build independence and responsibility,” says Kim Delgado spokesperson for KD Novelties.

KD Novelties knows how important it is for parents to take some time for them, which is why they have compiled a list of 7 ways parents, can relax.

1. Arrange a play date. Making weekly play date schedules can be fun for kids as well as parents. Parents can choose to mingle with the other parents or go off on their own for a little while but either way, making sure the kids are occupied helps take a load off.

Making sure they are with friends, forming bonds and relationships is healthy for kids, as well as parents. It’s important to get to know the parents of the children’s friends by making play dates a regular aspect to look forward to every week or month, whatever fits into their schedule.

2. Have kids join a sport or an activity. Not only does this practice time afford some mom and dad alone time, it also creates friendly bonds and personal interests as well. Kids will grow and learn in an environment away from their parents, building a sense of self-image outside of the home. These sorts of activities also help create events that the whole family can attend, enjoy, and look forward to.

3. Create! Kids love arts and crafts, and parents can too! DIY home decor is more popular than ever. It not only saves a lot of money but can also be a great source of relaxation for some. While parents get crafty and decorate the home, encourage kids to participate as well. Kids get inspired to be creative by your example and are occupied with their tasks. It gives everyone an activity to participate in and be proud of the final results.

4. Exercise! Parents can choose to exercise alone while the kids are still sleeping or incorporate kids into the activity. Exercising promotes a healthy lifestyle and doing it with others is often a great way to stay motivated. The time alone can be used to reenergize, or get the kids in on the action to help inspire them to continue living a healthy lifestyle, as they get older.

5. Make time to read. Set some time apart out of the day where everyone relaxes and reads. Kids are likely to adopt behaviors they witness their parents partake in, and reading is definitely one of them. Take the time to read the paper, a magazine, or that bestseller. Kids are more likely to pick up a book on their own if they see their parents or older siblings reading, especially if it is a sanctioned family activity. Personalized kids books by KD Novelties, can also help get kids interested in reading because they are reading about themselves. Reading on their own helps inspire kids to develop a sense of independence and develop a love of learning.

6. Make some quiet time. Much like setting time out of the day for reading, devote a particular part of the day to being quiet. Parents can relax, take a nap, or even participate in yoga; whatever it is that leads to relaxation and promotes peace and quiet. Time like this will also help kids learn to calm down and take charge of their activities. It not only teaches discipline and self-control, but also teaches the benefits of relaxing and calming down.

7. Vacation! Whether it’s a weekend away or a weeklong vacation, escaping day-to-day routines not only helps break up those routines, but also helps parents feel fresh and invigorated once they return to them. Try to find a vacation spot that has activities for the whole family, whether they are together or apart. Quality time with everyone is important and helps make memories, but separate activities are great too. Some places, such as cruise lines, offer programs for children, teens and adults. These types of getaways have something to offer for everyone.

KD Novelties has been publishing personalized books for over 10 years. For more tips on parenting and reading for children check out the KD Novelties blog or their Google+ page.

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