Hard Truths Of Fighting Fat

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This article is courtesy of PRWeb and Beverly Hills Physicians…..please share your comments below as weight loss surgery has always been a controversial topic. According to WebMD, you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery if:

* You’re an obese adult, especially if you have a weight-related condition, such as type 2 diabetes.

* You know the risks and benefits.

* You’re ready to adjust how you eat after the surgery.

* You’re committed to making lifestyle changes to keep the weight off.

Ultimately, this sensitive topic should be discussed with your physician to see if it is the right move for you.

weightlossballtextSouthern California based medical group Beverly Hills Physicians (BHP) sees a great many patients exploring weight loss surgery as well as non-surgical paths to weight loss, and they typically experience a surge of interest from prospective patients with the beginning of every new year. A Las Vegas Sun article published December 27 notes that people who truly want to lose weight must think beyond quick-fix diets and unsustainable exercise plans if they actually want to make their dreams of becoming permanently thinner and healthier a reality, and that the only path to success is permanent lifestyle change. BHP agrees, but adds that weight loss surgery and other techniques can make dealing with the hard truths of weight loss a great deal easier.

BHP explains that, while weight loss fads typically produce only the most minor and short-lived results, even individuals who set out to make genuine lifestyle changes have an extremely difficult challenge before them. These people are often able to achieve some loss of weight, at least at first. One problem identified by BHP is that, over time, strong desires to overeat actually become all that much stronger the more weight an individual loses – and that means severely obese patients who have the most weight to lose, and the greatest need to lose it, have the hardest task before them. For most, the medical group notes, the constant pangs of appetite are simply too difficult to ignore over the long term.

BHP notes that there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the fact that weight loss surgery options such as the gastric sleeve and Lap Band can make permanently defeating obesity a great deal more achievable because they get to the root of the problem by actually reducing the patient’s appetite. Doctors have found that both of these procedures make it uncomfortable to overeat, while the sleeve procedure – which removes roughly 75 to 85% of the stomach – may also have some added benefits in terms of reducing the body’s production of hunger-stimulating hormones.

Of course, the medical group adds, a great many individuals with weight issues may not meet the definition of severe obesity (a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more with related health problems). For them, BHP offers both non-surgical assistance in the form of coaching and medical monitoring, as well as the new Obera balloon weight loss system. They explain that the latter is a temporary procedure which reduces the stomach’s capacity, but is intended for individuals whose weight may be a health issue but who may not be sufficiently obese to be candidates for the other weight loss procedures.

However it is accomplished, experts agree that real weight loss that lasts takes time and commitment – but that doesn’t mean that the challenge can’t be made significantly less difficult with the help of outstanding medical professionals like the team at BHP. To learn more about their options, interested readers can call 800-788-1416, or visit BHP online at http://www.BeverlyHillsPhysicians.com.

Tips to Embrace Midlife Cravings for Change – The Truths of Midlife Transformation

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By Diane Lang

seniorcoupleexercisesmallYes, it’s true — I’m midlife, which has its ups and downs. Yes, I like myself better. I feel more confident. I’m more authentic (still working on that) and feel overall more optimistic.

On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of wrinkles, gray hair and all the new body aches and pain that comes with age.

I truly believe that midlife is a transformation. It’s a time you start searching for more and have cravings for change. You start questioning your everyday life.

– Is this all there is?

– What’s my true identity and my purpose for being here?

– What happens when I die? (this is a time for questioning of mortality as well as our life)

So, yes, you will go through some big changes during midlife. Is that bad?

Absolutely not. When we hit midlife, we start looking forward to changes. Actually, I will go a step further and be really truthful. We want change and we look forward to making them. Fear loses some of its grip. We stop caring what others think and care more about our own feelings.

We lose patience with drama and start searching for friends that fit our new interests and goals. We realize our friends mirror who we are as people. So, if you’re not sure who you are? Just look around at your closest friends/family and you can get a clear picture of who you are.

Finally, we realize that self care is important. Unfortunately, we had to wait untill we had those aches, pains and body changes but no matter what, we wake up to self-care.

familywalkHere are some tips to achieve positive, midlife change that you may be craving:

– For this April make yourself a priority and set up a to-do list of all the self-care activities you want to do.

– Do an emotional detox and lose the “toxic” people which will allow room for more positive people.

– Set up a long term goal and the short term goals that will get you there. Keep the goals and time frame realistic and attainable. Set up a positive reinforcement schedule also. If you accomplish a goal of course, you should praise and reward yourself!

– Realize and accept you’re in midlife and change is near. Make changes that are true to who you are deep inside. Changes that fit your personality. Changes that make you feel good and are in-line with your intentions.

Diane Lang is a Positive Living Expert and psychotherapist – is a nationally recognized speaker, author, educator, therapist and media expert. Lang is extremely mediagenic and offers expertise on a variety of health and wellness topics about creating balance and finding happiness through positive living as well as multiple mental health, lifestyle and parenting needs. In addition to holding multiple counseling positions, Diane is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University.