Preparing For A Family Walking Holiday

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By Danielle Steele

familyGetting out and about with your loved ones is certainly a fantastic experience. This is even more so when you plan on trekking through the wilderness for days on end, enjoying some of the finest sights that nature can provide. As well as experiencing some amazing vistas, you’ll also keep fit and active, bonding with your loved ones in a manner that brings everyone together. Of course, you’ll need to plan your journey in the right way, especially since you’ll have to take care of your family in remote locations away from standard facilities. Here, we’ll look at a few of the most important aspects to consider when preparing for your next walking holiday.

Is the Route Suitable?

Since you’ll want to make the upcoming trekking adventure as enjoyable as possible, you’ll also need to think about your family’s physical capabilities as well as the type of outdoor gear you own. In this regard, you’ll need to choose a route that matches their exercise level. When researching nearby trails, keep an eye on the following characteristics:

• Amount of incline
• Change in altitude
• Type of walking surface
• Surrounding scenery

If you’re going on your first walking holiday, choose a path that’s relatively flat and that has a well-marked path. This will help remove most of the hurdles, giving you a simple holiday itinerary that each member of your family can enjoy regardless of their fitness ability.

Do You Have the Right Gear?

Now, you’ll need to prepare your loved ones for the forthcoming journey by supplying them with the necessary gear. If you’re spending a few nights in the wilderness, you’ll need a decent tent, some cooking supplies, and the right bathing necessities to make a comfortable journey in which everyone can enjoy themselves significantly. You’ll also need to think about the clothing that you bring along. Avoid purchasing anything too cheap as this won’t be durable enough for the expedition.

Is Your Family Prepared?

Now that you’ve got the right equipment, you’ll have to hone your loved one’s physical capabilities to get through the upcoming walking holiday with ease. After all, if you just spend your time in front of the television, going on a three-day trek with no fitness preparation is a recipe for disaster. This means that you should plan an exercise routine before you depart to build up your loved ones’ fitness levels. You can do this by putting on your walking gear and heading to the park every weekend. Start by trekking to the maximum limit possible and then build up the duration slowly each time that you and your family practise your walking after that.

What Belongings Do You Need?

Now, you’ll need to think about what you should take along with you on your next wilderness adventure. You’ve bought your clothing and accessories, but you should also think about other items as well. Some of the most important include:

• Food and beverages
• Toiletries and bathing products
• First aid and medication
• Maps, compasses and guidebooks
• Cameras, GPS trackers, etc.

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll need different items for your adventure. For example, those walking through villages might be able to stay in a local motel instead of a tent. Likewise, if you’re passing a river, lake or waterfall, you should bring along some swimming gear, towels and sunscreen so you and the family can cool down along the way.

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Students Hike To Raise Awareness On Obesity, World Hunger

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From Your Health Journal…..”What a heart warming story from Online Athens by Allie Jackson called Students Hike To Raise Awareness On Obesity, World Hunger. I love stories where a community comes together to help a cause, this time, obesity and hunger. Even better, many children participated in this event, which not only teaches them about giving, but also educates them on matters related to good health. I encourage you all to go to the Online Athens site (link provided below) to read the complete article. You will see some great quotes from some mature and responsible children.”

From the article…..

Teen leaders from W.R. Coile Middle School, motivated by a grant from United Health Care, took to the woods Saturday for a hike party to combat childhood obesity and bring awareness to the importance of service.

About three dozen adults, children and teachers joined the students at Sandy Creek Nature Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Activities included a meet and greet, a time of reflection to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a tour of the center, several outdoor games, a hike and a party with refreshments.

“We are trying to help with childhood obesity and childhood hunger,” said student and member of Coile Serves Fatima Mendoza, 13. “We are going to go on a hike, play some games and then we are going to have some snacks.”

Mendoza and several other members of Coile Serves were involved in setting up the event and organizing the activities for the day.

“My students developed the budget and itineraries,” said teacher and leader of the group Kelli Bivins. “There will be two hikes, this one and one in April. Both hikes take place on the Cook’s Trail and culminate in a family/community celebration.”

Maria Moralez, 14, has been a part of Coile Serves for at least two years.

“We are hoping to bring awareness (to the community) about how to fight against childhood obesity … through being active,” Moralez said. “There should be a lot of people from the community here today and several UGA students.”

W.R. Coile Assistant Principal Brad Bowling joined the students in all the activities of the day.

To read the full article…..Click here