Tips To Find The Healthiest Breakfast Cereals

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This article is courtesy of PRWeb and the Harvard Health Letter, please share your thoughts in the comments section below…..

grainThe healthiest breakfast cereals are those made with whole grains, such as corn, wheat, or brown rice.

Colorful packaging and marketing promises make it hard to know which breakfast cereals are best for health. But all it really takes is reading the ingredient label and knowing what to look for, reports the March 2015 Harvard Health Letter.

“Go cereal shopping with a plan,” says Kathy McManus, director of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Look for a cereal that hits all the markers of good nutrition.

Whole grains should be a key ingredient. Many cereals are made with refined grains, which can cause blood sugar to spike. Instead, look for a breakfast cereal made of whole wheat, corn, or brown rice. These grains are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Whole grains are also a good source of fiber, the nondigestible component of plant-based foods that’s vital for good health. Fiber helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and it can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. The Institute of Medicine recommends 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day for women and 30 to 38 grams a day for men. So how much fiber should a healthy cereal deliver? “A typical serving of cereal should have five or more grams of fiber,” suggests McManus.

A healthy breakfast cereal also has minimal amounts of sugar, sodium, and calories. Look for cereals with less than five grams of sugar, less than 200 milligrams of sodium, and less than 150 calories per serving.

Read the full-length article: “Boost the health of your breakfast cereal”

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The Lodge At Woodloch Encourages Guests To Find Their Fitness in 2015

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A Fitness Routine Requires Commitment and Dedication- Find a Fitness Routine Soul Mate by Exploring New Classes by Guest Fitness Experts Offered This January at Award-Winning Destination Spa, The Lodge at Woodloch.

exerciseballThe Lodge at Woodloch understands that exercise is not a one-time action but a lifestyle. Creating fit habits requires finding the right fitness “soul mate” to match ones own personality, goals and lifestyle so that the dedication and commitment come easy. The Lodge at Woodloch is offering “Find Your Fitness” throughout the month of January to allow guests to explore new fitness regimes and programs to help ignite the spark that is needed in any blossoming relationship.

Guests will be able to select from the array of over 30 fitness/wellness classes and offerings that are a constant on The Lodge at Woodloch’s monthly activity calendar like Drums Alive, Great Wall of Yoga, Kempo, Bosu, Bollywood Belly Dancing, Tabata, Spinning, Body Pump and more. Additionally, January will bring classes from Master Instructors and Celebrity Trainers to get a taste of up and coming fitness trends as well as classic classes in order to give guests a feel for their fitness connection.

January 11 and 12:
Jessica Beers has had a life-long yoga journey as a daughter of a Zen Buddhist. She grew up near and attended school at the Himalayan Institute. Jessica has been certified in everything from Pilates to Spinning but was truly inspired by her Yoga practice. She has traveled all over the world to learn as much about yoga and the magic behind it including living modestly in an Ashram in the Himalayan mountains in India. She now lives in Philadelphia where she does workshops and is the founder of Elemental Flow, a yoga based on the elements. Jessica will be sharing her Elemental Flow classes with guests at The Lodge at Woodloch among other classes.

January 17 and 18:
Tiffany Knight believes in stamina, strength, fierce determination and accountability. Powered with tough love and an unyielding belief in clients ability to succeed, she drives her clients to meaningful and long-lasting life changes. Tiffany will be teaching classes in intenSati®, PiYo™, Insanity®, Power-Slide, Turbo Kick® and Body Blast.

January 19 and 20:
Michele Decerio holds a Bachelor of Science from Penn State. After a successful career in Finance and Marketing, she set aside a management training program and finished an MBA while staying at home to raise three children. Michele began her fitness career as a hobby, earning her first certification and teaching group fitness in 1994 and later became a certified personal trainer in 2000. In 2005, she formed Gettin’ Fit on the Go, an in-home and business personal training company — reaching people who prefer not to work out at a gym or cannot get there. Michele will be featuring classes such as DVRT- Ultimate Sandbag Training, PiYoChi and HIIT.

January 21, 22 and 23:
Betsy Cast is a master of motivation and movement and has been involved in fitness all her life. She uses the skills she’s gained in competitive athletics, martial arts, and dance in her classes to create a true fitness experience. As a Philadelphia fitness expert for over 10 years, her energy is contagious. Betsy began as a protégé of intenSati creator, Patricia Moreno and is now the head of leader training. Betsy will be sharing her passion and expertise with guests at The Lodge at Woodloch in classes such as Cardio Dance Party (Footloose); Powerstrike Kickbox and intenSati®.

January 24 and 25:
Stephanie Lauren is the founder of PLYOGA. She has spent most of her life dedicated to nourishing athleticism and health both personally and professionally. PLYOGA takes a 4 part class that is uniquely constructed to highlight plyometric interval training with fluent yoga as an active recovery. PLYOGA not only brings together two profoundly different forms of fitness, but also two dynamics of people. Stephanie will offer PLYOGA classes as well as Power Hour Yoga among other offerings.

The Lodge at Woodloch fitness team will be surveying guests during the guest-run classes to determine what classes are most popular to help evolve the ever-changing fitness program. Midweek Magic rates start at just $239 per person, per night and require a two-night minimum stay, based on the Intro to Spa Package. To learn more call 866.953.8500 or visit

About The Lodge at Woodloch:
The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the finest all-inclusive luxury destination spas in the U.S., offering complete spa programs, treatments, outdoor adventure activities, golf, classes and packages in a pristine mountain retreat environment. Located on over 400 wooded acres with a private lake in the Lake Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, The Lodge provides an oasis for personal awakening and renewal just 2 ½ hours outside of New York City. The award-winning property features 57 luxury accommodations and a 40,000-square-foot spa. Additional information and reservations are available toll-free at 1-866-953-8500 or on the Web site at

– Courtesy of PRWeb

How To Find Discounts For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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By Enrica Clavito

womanarmupPeople often would like to find services for aesthetic plastic surgery but may be put off by the price. Some procedures are out of reach for many people and these are ones that are not covered by most people’s medical insurance from work.

Different kinds of procedures

These elective procedures have the potential to made huge changes in a person’s look but also to their self-esteem. Some of these are very complex ones while others are fairly simple. Most of these are not extensive surgeries like old style facelifts or even rhinoplasty, which changes the look of a person’s nose. The majority of these procedures are ones that can be performed in a doctor’s office with local anesthesia. Some of these will be permanent while others may be procedures that need to be repeated every few months or years.

What to look for

There are some offices for plastic surgeons, as well as dermatologists that have specials each month or fairly often. Some will discount a specific procedure while others may bundle services for better pricing. People will usually find these offers in larger metropolitan areas where competition for clients can be more intense. Those living in smaller cities or rural areas may not have as much access to these kinds of services unless they watch the big city papers or TV commercials.

Anyone that is considering this kind of treatment may also want to look on the net for centralized service providers. There are some sites that have arrangements with physicians to help connect them with patients. One of the reasons that people may find better pricing here is that doctors may have short term notice for cancellations that they would like to fill. There are also times when there are gaps in the appointment calendar and filling them, even at a discount, will mean better business operations for the physician.

Those considering using these kinds of services may want to look for providers that state that they are board certified. This means that the provider not only has the basic training to provide services but also has gone above and beyond to obtain additional training and certification.

Skin care services

Most of these services will be skin care-related. There are often services for line fillers for facial wrinkles and creases but also laser hair removal services. Some of the most popular ones are laser tattoo removal and acne scar removal.

– By guest author, Enrica Clavito…..Visit Zendy Beauty for more information.

7 Steps To Find Your Master Key To A Better Life – Part 2

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By Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

ontopStep 4: Follow the sound of your angel’s voices as they whisper to you from your heart.

Crisis, like a nightmare, is only as bad as it is perceived to be and often contains important life-saving information presented in a manner that is impossible to ignore. These are pearls of wisdom from the sands of time that worked their way beneath the layers of life. Wear your pearls with pride. They are a commodity.

My favorite mantra is, “Mind over matter.” If you don’t mind it (embrace it in consciousness) then it won’t matter (manifest). Perception directly affects the outcome of a life challenge. We do not see things as they are, but rather as we are. My life challenge and Ah-ha moment all rolled up into one big Wake-up call was overcoming breast cancer three times.

According to the United States Cancer Statistics (USCS) the number of adults who have ever been diagnosed with cancer is 18.6 million and currently 2.6 million women are living beyond breast cancer. Many are Thrivers who recognize death but choose to celebrate life.

Although breast cancer can be the vehicle to deliver a message of thriving, any personal pearl of wisdom can help to overcome your life crisis.

People eager to be helpful can offer their keys as answers. They may be right. But, for whose question? Having a key is only half the solution. Finding the correct lock to the corresponding door is a big step.

The perfect Master Key that fits all your locked doors is closer than you may imagine. So, who are you?!

Step 5: Look in the mirror. Reconnect through the windows of your soul; your eyes.

Mirror therapy can help you discover and embrace yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You have all the questions and all the answers you will ever need. Access them through dreams, prayers and meditations. Connect with your inner-selves; your Physician-within and your Eternal Teacher-within. You are made up of more than id, ego and super-ego. Your Eternal Teacher exists beyond the physical body.

Our Eternal Teacher (ET) contains innate information that allows us to connect with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides during times of strife. Dreams are the phone line by which our ET phones home. Someone always answers the call. Do you listen? A dream journal can help.

Step 6: A dream journal beside your bed can help you connect with yourself and your guided information.

The ancient writing of the Talmud from the 2nd -3rd century BC states, “A dream not interpreted is like a letter to the self unread.” Ding, ding! You got mail.

Step 7: Know Thyself.

Yes! Discover yourself and find your answer. You are the key and the lock you seek. Open your door to endless information

Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is an author, inspirational speaker, Radio Host, and three-time breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing.

7 Steps To Find Your Master Key To A Better Life – Part 1

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By Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos

keysuccesssmallWe spend so much time seeking answers to questions that rule our life. Why are there so many keys to missing locks of hidden doors that contain THE perfect answer?

There is an easy way to find the answer, key, lock and door.

Above the entrance to the ancient Oracle at Delphi the phrase, “Know Thyself” was inscribed in stone—a key to life.

That key is an answer. But, do you know the question? What good is a key without a lock? What good is the answer, if you do not know the question? You need both, especially during crisis. The real answer may be the question, “Who Are You?”

Here are seven steps to help you find the key to answers you seek in life.

Step 1: Self-discovery; Baptism by fire….

A crisis is a decisive moment in life. It can be an emotionally, physically or psychologically significant event or a radical change in a person’s status. Webster’s dictionary defines it as an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs whose outcome will make a decisive difference for better or worse.

Crisis can be a blessing in disguise that takes you to the heights of your human potential where only true perfection exists. Imperfection is not our true nature. We naturally return to perfection. Cut your finger. Watch it heal. Perfection in action.

Step 2: Anytime healing takes place there is change. Change is the flow of life and an opportunity for emotional growth. Look for your silver lining.

Change happens during life challenges or enlightenments; Ah-ha moments. The depth of the change reflects the emotional reform. The challenge can be divorce, illness, bereavement, financial loss, and spiritual and emotional shifts. These require healing.

Healing is a job. Thriving is a career move. If you are reading this article, welcome to the first day of the rest of your career. Here is a key to your success. It is up to you to figure out how to unlock the door to your future. But, here is a hint: Know yourself.

Let me also introduce you to a couple of your corporate directors who will be with you every step of the way; Ms. and Mr. Life and Death.

Life and Death go together like inhaling and exhaling. They are celestial fraternal twins. In order to fully celebrate life, we must embrace death as a friend because someday that friend will come for us. That is the law.

Step 3: Realign your perspectives. What does death mean to you? How does it affect your life?

Dare to live because worrying about Mr. Death is a waste of time and energy. Celebrate each moment with Ms. Life.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is an author, inspirational speaker, Radio Host, and three-time breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing.