5 Hottest Trends In Fitness Classes For 2014

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joggerNew offerings turn typical cardio and strength classes upside down to beat workout boredomand deliver better, faster results.

Bay Clubs (BC), operator of private luxury athletic clubs and sports resorts in California, reveals five of the hottest new workout programs for the new year. This latest crop of fitness classes promises resolution-makers more ways—and more motivation—than ever to finally reach their goals. Says Jennifer Beaton, Vice President of Fitness, “This year it’s all about getting off the treadmill—both literally and figuratively—and shaking up your routine to make it more fun and more challenging.” Aren’t the two mutually exclusive, you ask? Not with this hand-picked selection:

1. MyRide+ Indoor cycling torches calories, but the experience is hardly a substitute for hitting the pavement or trail. Until now: MyRide+ combines the usual energizing music and instructor encouragement of indoor cycling classes with first-person-style HD video of spectacular rides throughout the world displayed on a large projector screen at the front of the studio. Designed to create the experience of climbing a picturesque mountain pass, riding singletrack down a sandstone canyon, or gliding through the autumn foliage of a New England back road, MyRide’s exercise-to-video program has been research-proven to have an ergogenic effect, boosting motivation and conditioning. Find classes at Bay Club Marin, free for Bay Club members.

2. Danceation Sick of your cardio soundtrack being stuck on the Latin station? The dance workout concept is experiencing its own British invasion: London pop musician and choreographer Heath Hunter’s brain child, Danceation, features calorie-torching moves and addictive music from all genres. With easy-to-pick-up combinations and improvisation encouraged, those with two left feet can groove right alongside more experienced dancers to everything from hip hop to jazz (still love those Latin beats? Don’t worry, there’s some salsa thrown in too). Classes are led by Heath Hunter at Bay Club Silicon Valley and are free for Bay Club members.

3. SurfSet Appropriately enough, you may have first heard about this new workout on a recent episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. Eliminating any bite risk, SurfSet takes participants through a series of strength and core-stabilizing exercises performed indoors on a specially designed surfboard that mimics the motion of the ocean. When you can’t get out to your favorite break (or you prefer to stay on dry land), SurfSet delivers a cardio, muscle- and balance-building workout that’s anything but boring. Find classes at eight Bay Club locations throughout Northern California, free for members.

4. SOfree No matter how cute your gym sneaks are, there’s something about working out in clunky, sweaty footwear that makes you feel less than graceful. One of the unsung perks of yoga is finally getting to kick off your shoes after a long day—why can’t cardio be the same way? SoFree is a barefoot cardio and conditioning class created and choreographed by trainer Lillian So to give participants the sensation of letting go and liberating themselves from whatever holds them back. Classes are free for members at Bay Club San Francisco.

5. Less Mills’ GRIT Former Olympic shot-putter Les Mills takes HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into overdrive with this series of three short, sharp, and demanding 30-minute workouts focusing on either cardio, plyometrics, or strength. No wimpy dumbbells or resistance bands here—the strength class uses full-on barbells and/or their weight plates as resistance. Classes are free for members at nine Bay Club locations in Northern California and San Diego.

About The BAY Club

Founded in 1977, the Bay Club is the owner and operator of 11 private health, fitness, athletic, sports, and lifestyle resorts on the West Coast. Featuring six regional campuses, the Bay Club provides club members with the finest quality programming catered to the entire family including traditional fitness elements and convenient solutions to daily work, family and life demands. For 35 years, the Bay Club has maintained the highest standards of professional service, earning a reputation as one of the leading private club companies in the United States. The company employs approximately 2,000 people and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information on the Bay Club, its clubs or services, visit: www.explorebayclub.com.

– Submitted by Heather Brown

Discover How Arts Classes Can Change Your Kid!

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By Anne Fletcher

happychildrenEnrolling a child in arts classes can be an event that changes the life of your child forever. From helping your child discover his or her lifelong passion in dance to helping him or her achieve better grades in school, there are extensive benefits in enrolling a child in arts classes.

Dance classes give a child an outlet for their creative expression. Through dance classes, children are also able to develop a better self-esteem. It is important for children to develop a sense of self-confidence early in life, because this confidence will stay with them throughout the difficult years of adolescence and early adulthood. By enrolling your child in dance classes or summer dance camp at Encore Studio, you can prepare your child for a life of success.

Arts classes also help children to develop better hand-eye coordination. Having better hand-eye coordination will improve the overall agility and athleticism of your child. It has also been proven to improve the reaction time in humans. These skills can be highly useful for a child in entering gym classes at school and pursuing other athletic endeavors.

In taking dance classes at a summer dance camp, a child will learn how to develop a sense of discipline and focus. However, he or she will also be able to nourish creative talents and be allowed the freedom of expression to nourish his or her soul. Learning dance classes allows children to take an active role in the learning process.

groupkidsDuring a summer dance camp, a child may also develop valuable friendships that stay with him or her for the rest of one’s lifetime. A child may even end up pursuing dance as a serious hobby and find that classmates are even on his or her dance team at school or in a studio. For parents who want to encourage an appreciation of dance in their children, enrolling them in a summer dance camp is an excellent choice.

Summer dance camp classes will help your child to become the best dancer that he or she can be. They will also give a child the chance to enjoy self-expression on the stage.

– Anne Fletcher is a professional ballet dancer. She spends more time with her family, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others. Enroll your kids in Summer Dance Camp Chesterfield VA . Offers children the fun and excitement of learning new dance skills, improving dance techniques, making new friends and helps keep them in good physical condition as well.