Addressing The Challenges Of Modern Healthcare Staffing

Submitted by Biswajit Rakshit….. Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities across America face an escalating staffing shortage crisis endangering quality patient care. Burnout, early retirements, and a lack of incoming professionals…

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Why Healthcare App Development is a Trend?

Submitted by Victoria Sheinina…. A modern man today can’t imagine his life without a smartphone in his pocket. Since the 2019 pandemic time the digital world has replaced most parts…

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Is A Healthcare Administration Degree Right For You?

You don’t have to go to school for eight years to work in the medical field and earn a sizable income. Jobs in healthcare administration are readily available and offer…

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Eldercare Navigator Advocates That Preventing Home Falls Reduces ER Visits And Healthcare Costs

By Mardy Chizek, RN, FNP, BSN, MBA, AAS Eldercare Navigator Advocates that Preventing Home Falls Reduces ER Visits and Healthcare Costs The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that…

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Is The Introduction Of Skype Providing A More Effective Healthcare Service?

By James Barnett Technology has a deep and illustrious history in revolutionizing healthcare for the better. CT and MRI scanners provided significant milestones in the improvements of the accuracy, diagnosis…

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Legislators, Health Advocates Discuss Ways To Tackle Obesity

From Your Health Journal…..”I really enjoyed reading an article I found in the Green Bay Press Gazette written by Patti Zarling entitled Legislators, Health Advocates Discuss Ways To Tackle Obesity….

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3 Tips To Keep Your Patients Happy

By Diana Barsan Healthcare offices are often judged by the number of new patients they acquire and consequently, most marketing efforts are directed at acquiring new patients. But in our…

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