Cool Summer Coloring Pages Have Been Published On Kids Activities Blog

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kidsarmsupCool summer coloring pages and a gallery of super creative coloring pages have been released on Kids Activities Blog. Color with anything but markers and crayons.

Ever wonder what else to go with the kiddos this summer? Cool summer coloring pages together with a gallery of super creative coloring pages have been released on Kids Activities Blog. Coloring pages get the kids creative juices flowing and make quick, easy, and inexpensive entertainment for kids.

The nine summer coloring pages feature a sandy June image, a sandcastle with a bucket and shovel, a relaxing scene at the beach, a girl at the beach, a boy with goggles and a snorkel, a surfboard and waves with a palm tree, a seagull among shells and a sandcastle, a boy about to go surfing, and a design your own surfboard.

There are many ways to color the pages without using crayons or markers. These ideas include tearing magazines or construction paper and gluing the pieces inside the design or using buttons to lay on the image. Glue the buttons onto the page or just lay them down to redo the most favorite pages over and over again.

The super creative coloring pages feature a lama, a family of happy worms, a spring chicken, strawberries and much more. The design is simple and can be traced or filled with watercolors, sparkles, stickers, stamp prints, markers or paint. The list of ideas are endless. Let the child’s imagination roar.

For detailed descriptions and to get additional fun coloring page activity ideas, check out Kids Activities Blog this week. Come get inspired to let the kids have a blast with cool coloring pages.

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