Zero To Hero: How Your Mindset Can Be Your Key To Healthy Living And Good Health – Part 1

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By Kamala Appel

exerciseI stated briefly that I went from absolutely zero to hero when it concerned sporting activities. OK, so most likely not hero like an Olympian, however a minimum of all my effort settled and I didn’t draw. Right here is my scrub back tale:

Although I have actually played competitive sporting activities and, consequently been a follower of Health and Fitness for majority my life; I am much from an all-natural. If I were a guy, I would certainly be cast in the part of the ninety pound coward as I was constantly smaller sized compared to my schoolmates. Being small for girls does not have the same baggage that it does for boys, however it is a disadvantage for either gender when it involves competitive sporting activities.

When I went to a training camp at U.C. Berkeley, I had a nervous bladder from stress and anxiety stemming from the reality that I would certainly have to play a sporting activity that I had no idea how to play. I fell down a lot, and also though volleyball involves hitting the flooring a great deal, not as much as I did and not in the awkward way that I did. I also could not get my hand around the ball for warm ups.

Every person was looking at me and I was not imagining it. Once during a break when I was in the washroom, I heard several of the big-hair valley b-s ragging on me.

“I can’t believe she stays,” one of them said loudly.

“I know what you mean,” one more added. “She is so sorry, I can’t even bare to look at her”.
“Yeah,” yet another chimed in, “it was kind of funny at first, but now it’s just sad.”

As if making eye contact with me would transform them to rock. Evidently, I was the Medusa of volleyball and they was afraid that my clumsiness was contagious.

healthillustratedI was dejected mentally and physically. I had actually made a promise to a buddy, so I sucked it up and I completed the camp (likewise I paid for it myself and I do not like to waste money).

I was in so much discomfort after the 3 day experience that I could barely move. My buddy and I essentially dragged each other up to Strawberry Canyon.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

– Sports, exercise and fitness have been a huge part of my life and led me to be more health-conscious than I probably would have been otherwise. Sports have even helped me conquer an eating disorder. However, even though I have played competitive sports and, as a result been an advocate for health and fitness for more than half my life; I am far from a natural. In fact, I am a bit of a zero to hero story. I didn’t even start playing sports until a friend dragged me to a volleyball training camp when I was in high school because she did not want to go alone. Now I am hooked on healthy living and a supporter of eating healthy (I enjoy reading First for Women because they have tips about emotional and physical wellness). I stick to an anti-inflammation diet about 90% of the time- the other 10%, well I’m human. (Check out the free IF calculator at, I am not affiliated). Find out how you can live a healthy lifestyle with ease by visiting:

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