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seoI’m an SEO expert with an unhealthy appetite for understanding rankings work. If I really had to choose something for aspiring health/fitness websites, it’s the application of keyword research. Too many ‘just blog’ or ‘write the stuff’ that everyone writes, but using their own words.

SEO Tip: Write in the words that your visitors would use to find your website content.

1. Let’s say I have a web page on “How to keep a diabetes journal.” Start with a broad search term that a visitor may type that web page- for example, someone might type only type “diabetes journal”.

SEO’s like to call this search a query, what a person is searching on the internet, and the search term (diabetes journal) is what we call keyword. Then, under “Search tools,” and “All results,” select “Related searches”.

2. These related searches are what Google believes is related to your keyword. By using these keywords, you can help Google understand what your website/web page is about, and therefore help you bring more web traffic. SEO’s call Google’s action of grouping related terms latent semantic indexing (LSI) – and it just so happens that you can help Google know exactly what your website is about.

Incorporate relevant related terms to your website/web page in your writing naturally and you’ll see improved web page ranking and traffic. Note I said relevant and natural. Doing anything else would be considered spamming and you’ll have negative results.

3. Not finding the right terms? Maybe pressing the down arrow key in the search box will help. These are actual queries people use – and like the related searches keywords from (2), you want to only use the ones that are relevant and natural to your existing web content.

Congrats! You’re on the first step of understanding real queries people search for. By writing in the words and related phrases people use to find your content, you’ll be getting more website visitors. Incidentally, if these visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed, you’ll be seeing Alexa rank improve! If your article was already well-written and insightful to begin with, you’ll have broadened the types of keywords people can search to reach your website – and should these new visitors link to your website from the web, you’ll even bee seeing improvements on your Google PageRank!

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