How To Cope After A Traumatic Experience

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By Veselina Dzhingarova

womanAt one stage of your life or another, something serious may happen that leaves a mark on your mental health. It’s an inevitable part of life and traumatic events happen to everyone. Whether it be the death of a family member, an accident or a robbery, traumatic events could have serious consequences on the functioning of our brains if not properly addressed.

These mental, physical and emotional effects often last for a long time and can lead to PTSD, depression and a variety of other problems. But with adequate support systems, methods and time, you can learn to alleviate these issues and put them in the past where they belong, allowing you to continue living a happy and healthy life.

Group Therapy

Support groups are popular for a reason; they’re effective and allow you to confide within those who have shared a similar experience to yours. Find one in your local area and ask if you can join. These types of groups are usually freely open to anyone and can greatly benefit your mental health if you participate. Local groups are a great choice if you don’t have any close family or friends that you’re comfortable speaking to or if they don’t understand how you feel.

If your family or friends were involved in the traumatic incident, speaking to them would prove highly beneficial for both parties. Not only do you get to discuss the issue and find ways to move past it yourself, but you also give your family/friends a chance to share their thoughts.

If you’re not convinced that this is one of the best options available, it’s worth finding out the benefits of group therapy.

Relax and Focus on Yourself

If the event happened recently, take a moment to inhale a few deep breaths and calm your body. This will relieve muscle tension and ease your mind. Be sure to take deep breaths through your nose and hold them in your belly before exhaling through your mouth.

After you’ve calmed down, focus on being mindful and aware of the present. Assess how you feel, what you’re doing, who you’re with and where you are. Focusing on the now will help your mind move away from the past. From here, it’s advisable to try some meditation to further relax your body and mind on a daily basis.

Get Active

What if you could cope with trauma and improve your body at the same time? This is surprisingly easy to do. Simply join a local running, exercise, yoga or sports group and give it your all. Physical movement does a great job at relieving built-up tension and stress derived from trauma.

This is much healthier and beneficial to you in the long term than lying in bed and you’ll see the benefits as time progresses.

It should be clear by now that coping after a traumatic event is a fairly simple and straightforward process that anyone can follow. How did you cope? Let us know in the comments down below.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Poetry Can Heal Fat And Negativity

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By Risa Ruse

saladplateI am sure that you may have heard the saying, “We are what we eat.” I would like to add to this, “We are what we eat, and think!” You see thoughts are like food for the mind. The quality of such can bring good health or just the opposite in illness and disease. I would even go further to say it could lead to suicide. Even though eating disorders are not what I am focusing on (but are relevant) to the wanting to fill one up when the soul feels empty. Just for the record, my mother committed suicide when I was 11 years old. I had to witness her unhappiness (and several attempts before being successful in failing to enjoy life.)

This emptiness can show itself in feelings of not being worthy (even if we have had a normal life, per say.) It is the perception of self that determines these feelings that become our “reality” whether others perceive the same thing or not. Such disorders given to anxiety exhibit an exaggeration of what a person without anxiety, or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may perceive. Just being able to enjoy the simple things in life becomes a

Just being able to enjoy the simple things in life becomes a masterful plan of self-loathing that leads to addictions of many kinds.

masterful plan of self-loathing that leads to addictions of many kinds. Compulsive buying, eating comfort foods, sexual promiscuity (that may lead to or include lasciviousness.) This feeling of lack in our lives creates a wanting that is never satisfied. Sure, buying a new CD, dress, car, (or whatever our credit report will allow us to charge) will give a feeling of elation. This is not the same as joy. Joy is an emotion void of negativity. That is unless you really have a problem with life, and get joy out of making others miserable!

What I would like to share is a process in rhyme that comes from the divine that I have been able to coin; that is not like other poetry used for catharsis. You see, many persons that include Veterans use poetry as a means of expressing negative emotions that proliferate negative thinking. My poetry is inspired through my connection with my Higher Power (Christ is mine.) When I say a prayer, what is in my heart comes out in the form of rhyme that addresses a particular emotion (that is actually cleansed during the process.) I, and others who have heard it are left with a feeling of knowing exactly what was expressed and have a way of putting a new label on what emotional discomforts they are carrying. Since these are universal emotions of mostly anger and fear, we are not repeating any particular traumatic event (that would give negative thinking strength.) This kind of poetry is like a match igniting our spirituality. Once this flame is lit and we follow the required commitments to it, our lives change.

heartYou may be thinking right now, “What are these requirements?” The first is to express gratitude for even the little things in our lives. Giving thanks proliferates acquiring the ultimate gift of joy! The others are magnified with blessings when performed in prayer and meditation. Then prayer leads to faith, and once that is accompanied by trusting Eternal Spirit to provide our every need, comfort and healing comes.

– Want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me for a free inspired poetry consult. As an experienced Social Worker skilled in Veterans PTSD, victim turned victor twice of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother) I share the healing of negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) that make it a safe place to heal. I share my books and my poetry articles on my website: