How College Students Can Stay Healthy On A Budget

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By Diane Pierre-Louis

universityThe college years can be busy and stressful and it can often feel like an uphill battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a limited budget. You know the scenario: you stay out a little too late at a party and leave hungry, so you pick up a burger or order a pizza. Or perhaps you have to cram for a term paper, so you consume countless cups of coffee or cans of soda to stay alert.

Either way, you’re not doing your body – or mind – much good. And your budget is probably taking a hit as well as you skip from one unplanned fast-food meal to another.

In order to be successful in school, you need to be at the top of your game physically, mentally and emotionally. Sure, the temptations of college life can be hard to resist, but if you follow these tips for staying healthy on a limited budget, you should start to see positive changes in little to no time.

Cook Meals and Bring Snacks
It might seem as if it’s easy to live off convenience foods, prepackaged meals and caffeinated drinks. However, this habit is expensive and bad for your body. Instead, teach yourself how to plan and cook simple, healthy meals several times a week. A great rule of thumb is to stay as close to a food’s original form as possible; the longer the ingredient list, the worse the dish may be for you. Consider teaming up with friends for themed potlucks and cooking parties. Also, skip the vending machine candy bar or cup of coffee between classes; it’s cheaper and just as easy to stash your own energizing snacks (bananas, granola bars, trail mix, etc.) and fill a thermos of coffee to get you through a busy day.

Shop Smart and Use Coupons
Coupons are often overlooked as a great way to save money. Check the local newspaper on Sunday for coupons that can help bring your grocery costs down, particularly when buying nonperishable and household items. Be careful, though, of falling into the trap of using coupons for items you don’t actually need. And also be sure that the discounted price of the item is still lower than the store’s generic brand.

joggersGet Some Exercise
We’ve all heard how working out benefits mind and body. The good news: college campuses are teeming with exercise options that are easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. Walk or ride your bike to class, find a running buddy in your dorm or join an intramural volleyball or flag football team. Having someone to work out with is a great motivator; if nothing else, it should make the prospect of a predawn gym session easier to handle.

With student discounts available, there should be little to no cost involved in getting enough exercise and the payoff can be huge.

Leave it Parked
If you have a car, leave it in the parking lot. Walk as much as possible and only use your car when it’s absolutely necessary – as a result, you’ll boost your health and your budget. If you’re the only one in your group with wheels, it’s time to practice saying “No,” unless you plan to collect gas money every time a friend needs a ride.

If you start by adopting this handful of healthy and budget-friendly habits, it won’t be long before you’re coming up with your own creative ways to save money and take care of yourself.

– This guest post was provided by Diane Pierre-Louis. Diane writes for U.S. News University Directory and covers topics related to Masters in Reading and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction programs.

10 Ways Slender People Think Differently And Stay Slim Naturally – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1 of the article…..

By Michelle Hastie The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Work out Just So They Can Eat Food

This was probably the worst part of dieting EVER! Every time I ate I had to think about how much movement it would take to then remove that food off my body. This is an insane way to live! When you don’t have worries around weight you simply eat because you are hungry, and exercise because you want to.

7. The Naturally Slim and Slender Know They Don’t Need to Be Athletes

I don’t know about you but I grew up in the arts not the athletics. This doesn’t mean that I am completely inept when it comes to exercise (I mean I did become a personal trainer at some point). But when I decided to live like a personal trainer does, I gained weight faster than a speeding bullet. Ok well not that fast, but pretty darn fast. I move daily, don’t get me wrong… around my house, walking my dog, doing chores, etc. The truth is I lost 10 lbs. stuck on the couch for 30 days, so clearly this is not the answer.

8. The Naturally Slim and Slender Know that Missing a Day, Week or Month of Exercise Doesn’t Cause Weight Gain

Unless you are training to be in a marathon, body building competition or becoming a bikini model you do not need to worry about missing workouts. Your body is constantly changing. Some days it will want to move all day! Some days you will not want to move from your bed. The important thing is if you listen it will always balance itself out, so stop trying to do it for it! It’s only dieters that worry and guilt themselves over a missed workout.

There are sooooo many ways to move our bodies. You can do simple movements all day and never go to the gym and stay trim.

9. The Naturally Slim and Slender Understand the Importance of Enjoying Exercise Rather Than Burning Calories

There are sooooo many ways to move our bodies. You can do simple movements all day and never go to the gym and stay trim. You probably won’t have the strength or endurance you prefer, but you won’t be overweight. You can walk, do yoga, dance, cross fit, go to the gym, and it’s literally endless. It’s only dieters that choose their movements based on what burns the most calories versus what’s the most fun or feels the most amazing during… So many clients tell me how much they enjoy it after but not during. I choose not to do anything I don’t enjoy even for a minute that includes the stair stepper.

10. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Worry About Exercise as a Means for Weight Loss

I know so many people who are thin and don’t ever “exercise” in the way you would define the word. They just do their regular movements throughout the day, eat until they are full and that’s that. Your body can adjust for anything. It can adjust your appetite for the months when you run 5 days a week and then the months when you barely get out walking. As long as you are listening you can always keep your body in balance. Eliminating your stress is the real cause of your weight loss and most dieters stress over their exercise or lack thereof. Focus on relaxation instead of exercise and see where that gets you!

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions

10 Ways Slender People Think Differently And Stay Slim Naturally – Part 1

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By Michelle Hastie

girljogIt’s no secret that those with their ideal body have different thought patterns and beliefs. The question then becomes what the heck are those different thought patterns and beliefs? Being that I lived my life in my ideal body, overweight and then back to my ideal body I am very aware what those differences are. Today we are focusing on the 10 ways to change your thinking around food and exercise. This will allow you to have your ideal body by thinking the same way those who have the results you desire do! Now as you read these you may think to yourself… “Well of course they don’t do the things I do because they aren’t trying to lose weight, they are already slim!” I want you to think about whose habits you are modeling… most of you are modeling dieters. It’s time to listen to the real experts, those who don’t think about their weight ever!

1. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Count Their Calories

Have you ever met someone who stays slim naturally? Not the person who is dieting to stay trim, but that person who you quietly scowl at because they are on their 3rd piece of pizza and you are wondering where the heck they put it? Well that person does not count their calories. Nor do they care. They simply eat until they are full and they trust that their body will give them that cue therefore it’s not their job to determine how much to eat.

2. The Naturally Slim and Slender Refuse to Starve

When you talk to someone who has never struggled with their weight they will tell you they love food, and they especially love to eat it. Duh right?! The only people who are starving themselves are dieters and last time I checked those aren’t the results you desire… so it’s time to stop following their habits!

3. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Understand the Need for “Cheat Days”

Whenever I hear someone say they are having a “cheat day” I cringe a little because it takes me right back to my dieting days. Trust me when I tell you there are no naturally thin people having cheat days. In their mind every day is a cheat day because there are no rules! And when there are no rules, there is no desire to overeat, binge eat or eat the 3 pints of ice cream that you have to get out of the house before the cheat day is over.

4. The Naturally Slim and Slender Emotionally Eat without Weight Gain

Everyone emotionally eats! Why? Because eating is an emotional experience.

Everyone emotionally eats! Why? Because eating is an emotional experience. It can bring up memories from our mothers home cooking, or our first date at that delicious Italian restaurant. The problem starts when you abuse food, which you will not find in the household of someone who is in their ideal body. So to recap… emotional eating… Good… abusing food… Bad.

5. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Believe in Labeling Something as “Eating Bad”

First of all there is no “eating bad” when you aren’t worrying about your pounds. There is simply food that made you feel good and food that made you feel bad. No judgment. No shame. No guilt. Just an understanding that eating that food again definitely has a consequence. You can still eat it; you just have to deal with the consequences.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article…..

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions

Obesity Report Isn’t License To Stay Overweight

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From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article today from the Toledo Blade called, Obesity Report Isn’t License To Stay Overweight. The article starts by stating the increasing awareness of obesity as a huge threat to America’s health, “size acceptance” advocates have downplayed the risks of excess weight and portrayed negative attitudes toward it as simple bigotry. This comes after reports that being slightly overweight may actually be healthier than being a ‘normal’ weight. The article goes on by saying this can be dangerous to many, as some individuals may see this as a green light to lead an ‘un-healthier’ lifestyle, so take caution. The article concluded with, “We can debate the best approach to combating obesity and the role of personal responsibility vs. societal factors such as advertising. We can also point out the dangers of the thinness cult, particularly for women, that labels even normal-weight individuals as chunky. But denying the very real dangers of being obese helps no one, especially not the obese themselves.” Please take the time to read this interesting article (link provided below) from the Toledo Blade.”

From the article…..

‘We-told-you-so’ motto won’t produce results

Amid increasing awareness of obesity as a major threat to America’s health, “size acceptance” advocates have downplayed the risks of excess weight and portrayed negative attitudes toward it as simple bigotry.

Not surprisingly, a recent report that overweight people might have slightly lower mortality rates than those of clinically normal weight was met with a “we-told-you-so” from activists.

But attempts to use science to promote the joys of fat are both misguided and dangerously misleading.

The study, published earlier this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that overweight people had a mortality rate 6 percent lower than normal-weight people of similar age and gender.

Marilyn Wann, author of a book called Fat!So? and a self-identified “weight diversity speaker,” touted this research as vindication in a column: The mere fact it was reported as shocking news, she wrote, is “a measure of the intensity and pervasiveness of weight prejudice in our society and in our sciences.”

But does the new research support the claims of Wann and her fellow activists? The possible benefit found in the study was limited to people who were mildly overweight, with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30. (This may be due to overweight people getting better medical screening, or being less severely affected by weight loss from an illness.) But the report made it very clear that obesity and especially severe obesity — BMI 35 and above — are associated with significantly higher mortality rates. Wann herself celebrates her “fat pride”; at 5 feet 4 with a weight of about 285 pounds, her BMI is 49.

Wann cites another analysis of health and weight data published in 2008 as proof that using BMI as a proxy for health can mislabel some overweight and obese people as unhealthy while missing the health problems of some people with normal weight. Yes, of course being overweight is not the only cause of poor health. But the very data Wann cites show that the correlation is indeed very strong.

To read the complete article…..Click here

Low-Fat Foods Help People Cut Cholesterol, Lose Weight And Stay Slim

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From Your Health Journal…..”This is an excellent article to read, and very good points. The study used a very large control group, so it may be more conclusive with its results. In a nutshell, cutting back on fatty foods can lower cholesterol and slim down. But, remember, always talk with your doctor before changing your diet too much. For many people, they do need some fat in their diet, as many of the unsaturated fats have positive effects on the body including regulating hormonal levels, regulating temperature levels, insulates the body, protects body organs, and assists with the absorption of vitamins A,D,E, & K.”

From the article…..

Forget fad diets pushing cabbage soup, weight-loss shakes or maple syrup. Swapping fatty foods for low-fat alternatives will keep you slim – and now there’s World Health Organisation-backed research to prove it.

A review of 33 trials involving 73,589 men, women and children in America, Europe and New Zealand found that choosing low fat foods helped people lose around 3.5 pounds, slim their waist-lines and cut bad cholesterol – all without dieting.

Researchers who led the study said its results prove for the first time that people can lose weight without trying to.

“The weight reduction..when people ate less fat was remarkably consistent – we saw it in almost every trial. Those who cut down more on fat lost more weight,” said Lee Hooper from the University of East Anglia medical school, who led the work.

“The effect isn’t dramatic, like going on a diet,” she said, adding that the research specifically looked at people who were cutting down on fat, but didn’t aim to lose weight – so were continuing to consume a normal amount of food.

“What surprised us was that they did lose weight, their BMI (body mass index) decreased and their waists became slimmer,” Hooper said. The lower fat eaters also kept their weight down over at least seven years.

The review – commissioned by the WHO’s Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) after a request to update their guidelines on fat intake – will now form a crucial part of global recommendations, the researchers said.

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