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8 Types Of Content That Increase Engagement On Facebook

By Diana Barsan

facebookWant to boost your Facebook page engagement? The key is sharing valuable content. Typically a Facebook user has 140 friends, is connected to 80 pages, groups and events and has created 90 pieces of content. The more people that interact with your page, the more your page will show up on their Facebook homepage and on their friends’ news feed. This is a great opportunity to reach out beyond just your fans. When writing content for Facebook keep it personable and stick to the formula of 80% value-added content and 20% pitch and marketing.

Here are eight types of content that will get “likes” and comments:

1. Post like a friend, not a dental practice. Humanized language gets better feedback. Press release, rigid-styled writing destroys the potential of patient interaction and risks turning off your fans. Think of ways you can make the content stand out and reach your target audience. Make sure the content you provide is relevant and distinct, and try to avoid complicated words and phrases.

2. Like other pages as a page. Find pages that are related to your practice, even if they are your competition. In order to encourage cross promotion partnerships, share content from these pages, use mentions and tags, and thank these other pages.

3. Use eye-catching images. Visual content is key to increasing interaction on Facebook. Share pictures of office events, conferences, staff, and patients (if they give their consent) accompanied by a short description. Do not post groups of photos all at once. Publish images one at a time or three at a time to get feedback over multiple days or weeks.

4. Celebrate milestones. Make sure you thank your patients and your staff for their support. People like celebrating accomplishments. If you’re celebrating your Facebook fan following, add the milestone to Facebook timeline. To show appreciation to your followers, make a collage, post a video, give away free stuff, or create an exclusive offer. The more creative you get, the better.

5. Best caption contests. This is a fun way to engage your patients to respond to a Facebook post. Choose an intriguing image and ask your fans to give it a title. Announce a winner and give out prizes. Make it a tradition.

6. Talk about Facebook. According to HubSpot research, Facebook is the number one most shareable topic on Facebook. Try to include Facebook mentions that are relevant to the health care industry instead of just posting about Facebook.

7. Celebrate official awareness months. Find creative ways to celebrate commemorative months like National Children’s Dental Health Month, Heart Health Month, Black History Month, Autism Awareness Month, and more.

8. Ask questions. Every time you share something on Facebook, end the post with a simple question. You can use Yes or No, multiple choice, or generate debates with questions. Ask your fans to pick their favorite things, to choose whether a statement is true or false, or to encourage them to rate something from 1 to 10.

– Author Diana Barsan give examples on how to generate more “likeable” content on the Facebook page of a pediatric dentist in Denver!

Social Media Could Help Curb Childhood Obesity

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Statement from The American Heart Association…..

The American Heart Association has published a statement suggesting that social media might be an effective tool in the fight against childhood obesity, Forbes reports.

Statement Details

The statement — which was published in the journal Circulation — offered an overview of recent research on how social media affects health and obesity (Husten, Forbes, 12/3). It also evaluated research on various Web-based obesity intervention strategies.

According to the statement, variables that contribute to the success of a Web-based obesity intervention strategy include:

– Family involvement with the intervention

– The degree of interaction between the children and their counselor or support group; and

– The frequency with which children used the online programs.

The statement noted that people tend to spend time with those similar to them, even in online communities. Therefore, AHA stated, obesity intervention strategies that target online networks of overweight or obese children might cause a ripple effect as members of the group start making healthy lifestyle changes (Medical News Today, 12/5).

AHA’s Recommendations

According to the statement, social media offers “natural points for intervention” to address obesity among children and teenagers (Forbes, 12/3). The statement recommended that clinicians, policymakers and researchers develop social networking-based obesity interventions that encourage self-monitoring, goal-setting and problem-solving (Medical News Today, 12/5).

However, Jennifer Li — chair of the AHA writing group that produced the statement — warned that social media also is associated with cyber bullying, privacy issues and Internet addiction. She said, “Doctors need to understand digital technology better so that they can offer guidance to patients and their families on avoiding such issues” (Forbes, 12/3).

According to AHA, more research is needed to determine whether gender, ethnicity, geographic location or socioeconomic status affect the efficacy of social media-based weight management interventions.

Li said, “Teenagers are texting and using Facebook and other social media as their primary communication with their peers, and we need to find out what factors can be incorporated into social media that will increase the effectiveness of these interventions to initiate and maintain weight loss in kids and adolescents” (Medical News Today, 12/5).

Guest Post – Kay Wynarsky, Social Media Holiday Efforts For Dental Practices

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Give this Holiday Season to Receive a Boost in Your Social Media Efforts

heartWith the holidays upon us, your practice might be wondering what it can do to give back to your community. Carving time out for a good cause can reward your practice exponentially, if you market your efforts carefully.

First, talk to your staff about what cause you would like to support. Does your practice already work with a nonprofit? Is one of your employees passionate about a specific cause? If not, look to something either in your community or a dental-related cause, such as Smile Train for cleft palate surgeries, or Dentists without Borders. Set up a food drive, an angel tree or a fundraiser for your favorite cause and start spreading the word! Make your messaging known on your website, social media accounts and in your office. The way you choose to convey this messaging can make your break your event, so be creative and be sincere.

Any of these charitable efforts can really help get your followers engaged. Asking them to give to a good cause is a personal call to action that benefits people in need and also creates strong interaction with your patients online and in the office.

If you are already supporting a nonprofit, include it in your website’s content, preferably in the About Us or Mission Statement sections. If your mission statement includes service to others but you are not working with a nonprofit yet, starting a holiday charity drive is the perfect way to integrate your practice’s beliefs into its actions.

Setting a goal for your charitable drive sets the stakes higher and gives people more of an incentive to help your practice achieve success.

Help spread the message online by posting pictures of your office setting up a box for donations, take a picture when someone is donating to your cause, keep followers updated with how much money, food or donations your practice has collected and how much further you need to go to meet your goal. Setting a goal for your charitable drive sets the stakes higher and gives people more of an incentive to help your practice achieve success.

After the holidays, keep the goodwill going by reminding people of the nonprofits your practice works with regularly by giving them a plug, even if there is not a special event going on. A good Facebook sample post could be:

A friendly reminder to all our patients that we are proud supporters of the Smile Train, who work with impoverished children around to world to give them the cleft palate surgery they desperately need. Donations are always appreciated, no matter how small! Visit to learn more.

It can be tricky to communicate with followers that you support nonprofits without sounding boastful or like you are plugging your practice. Write your messaging to be centered on the nonprofit and not yourself.

Austin Bluffs Dental is a Colorado Springs general dentistry that regularly works with the nonprofit Mission of Mercy.